Ron Paul loves his own Ron Paul Coin and is positive about Bitcoin

Ron Paul loves his own Ron Paul Coin and is positive about Bitcoin

Ron Paul loves his own coin “Ron Paul Coin” and Bitcoin. He bashes the US dollar calling the US government a counterfeiter. Enjoy the funny video.

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Ron Paul: Bitcoin is not 'True Money'

Former member of the US House of Representatives Ron Paul does not believe bitcoin is 'true money,' but he is still a big fan of the concept. Ron Paul is one of the most prominent libertarians on the US political scene. Much of the libertarian movement is in favour of digital currencies, either through active support and endorsement, or by advocating no government interference and regulation. Ron Paul even got the distinction of having an altcoin named after him. He never shied away from controversial issues and he never kept his love of bitcoin a secret. Paul's views on the state of our....

Congressman Ron Paul to Discuss Bitcoin on Fox Business and CNN Tonight

United States congressman Ron Paul will be appearing on two major American news outlets Monday evening to discuss bitcoin, according to a Facebook posting. Ron Paul will first be appearing on Fox Business at 5:15PM, followed by CNN at 7:45PM. Paul - who has identified as libertarian and republican - has been a vocal supporter of the cryptocurrency, going so far as to say that bitcoin could destroy the U. S dollar. The congressman is also extremely vocal about the spending and corruption at the federal reserve, and is often shunned by media outlets for deviating from political norms. Still,....

Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Impresses at the NY Bitcoin Event

Presidential candidate Rand Paul graced the 19th April Bitcoin event held at the Union League Club and left the attendees highly impressed with his thoughts on the cryptocurrency. The event was hosted by the Bitcoin Center NYC and a start-up incubator Blockchain Technologies Corp. Rand Paul is the running the first presidential campaign ever to accept Bitcoin in donations. Since the event was not publicly promoted by the campaign management team, the remarks from the events will not be released, said Sergio Gor, spokesperson for Paul's campaign. However, the social media was abuzz with....

Ron Paul Coin

In the light of CoinyeWest, another major influencer has a virtual currency named after him. This time the tribute is to Ron Paul. RonPaulCoin launched on December 29th and already boasts some serious fanfare. This is from Bitcoin Forum from the founder of the coin, "colinistheman". Jan 6, 2014 NEWS UPDATE: New pools still being added. Keep em' coming. Jan 5, 2014 NEWS UPDATE: I'm back after a 1 day vacation. It seems quite a lot can happen in a day. Catching up on everything. I'm aware of the current difficulty and difficulty adjustment. I will post an official statement on what direction....

All About AirBitz With Paul Puey

Don't you wish there was a resource that knew all the businesses that accept Bitcoins in your area? WelI I had a chance to talk to Paul Puey, the CEO/ Co-Founder of Airbitz, a Bitcoin wallet and business directory that does just that. Their web-based business directory went online on Mar 17. The iOS app came a week later, and the Android app was released April 7 at the Inside Bitcoin NYC conference. Paul studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley, California. He was a 3D graphics software engineer at Nvidia for 7 years, although he had also done software projects in....


At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions... all good things.

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