Investment without Banking

Investment without Banking

Imagine, for a moment, you were a new member of China's growing middle class, and looking to invest your savings. You'll soon discover that without political connections, your investment opportunities are limited to a filtered selection of domestic companies; lucrative companies are listed elsewhere, and only available to foreigners, state officials, and their friends. If that's the case, Cryptor Trust might be just the opportunity for you. Cryptor Trust is not the first investment vehicle in the Bitcoin space. The Winklevoss have discussed plans to involve mainstream investors for some....

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More Signs of Trouble in Asia: Barclays to Cut Investment Banking Jobs

Reuters reports that Barclays Bank will announce investment banking job cuts across Asia sometime next week. The news publication’s sources said that these jobs cuts will include closures in South Korea and Taiwan. These rumored cuts come after the Asian region’s failure to produce sustained growth in the post-2008 economy created a difficult business environment for investment bankers in Asia. In addition to these suspected cuts, Reuters reported on Monday that Barclays will close its Indian equities business as part of its Asian cost-cutting measures.

Will Industrial Mining Become the Next Big Bitcoin Investment Sector?

Investment interest in the bitcoin ecosystem has skyrocketed in 2014, with this year's investment figures already having surpassed 2013s totals due to major investments in merchant processor BitPay, secure wallet provider Xapo and e-commerce and online banking platform Circle, which have accounted for a combined $67m in fundraising. This list of more well-known, merchant or consumer-focused bitcoin companies was joined more recently by a sizeable investment in bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer and industrial mining facility operator BitFury, which announced it had closed a $20m round on....

Blockchain startups must understand requirements of investment banking

As blockchain technology continues to draw admirers from the banking sector, so is the demand that the startups based on the technology be willing to study the demands of the sector and work upon it. The latest to speak on the issue is Dr Lee Braine of the Investment Bank CTO Office at Barclays. Talking he said that "I think if we are able, over time, to help encourage the ecosystem to come up with open standards, open ways of interfacing across those layers, this will help move on the industry." He also endorsed the blockchain technology when he said that the basic thought....

Fintech Startup N26 Receives EU Banking License, Launches Investment Product

With the banking license, this will give N26 the ability to access the entire EU instead of the handful of countries it originally operated in, as an EU licensed bank. Originally, they relied on Wirecard, a German banking platform. Launching its app back in 2015, N26 or formerly NUMBER26 has around 200,000 users on its mobile banking app for them to be able to open bank accounts, transfer and even deposit/withdraw using an ATM or CASH26 locations. Adding features. Valentin Stalf, founder and CEO of N26 states: “This [banking license] will allow us to significantly enhance the....

Blythe Masters Sticks with Blockchain over Top Barclays Banking Role

Blythe Masters. Digital Asset Holdings' CEO Blythe Masters has reportedly turned down an offer for a top management position at Barclays to stick with her blockchain technology startup. Blythe Masters, CEO of New York-based Digital Asset has turned down the chance to "run" Barclays' investment banking division and chose to stay with her current blockchain-based startup Digital Holdings. Masters is among the most prominent figures on Wall Street and is known as one of the creators of the credit derivatives market. She left JP Morgan after 27 years with the bank and joined Digital Asset....


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