Does News Really Move The Bitcoin Market?

Does News Really Move The Bitcoin Market?

How much of an effect does news (both good and bad) truly have on the market? Ask a taxi driver anywhere, from NYC to Kathmandu, what they think about the price of oil, and you're likely to get a comprehensive answer, including an opinion about the Gold price - and perhaps, the Bitcoin market's next rally. Information about commodity prices and their causal relationships is pervasive, and most people have not only an opinion about the market, but a forecast or two depending on the potential economic outcomes they perceive. Several of my colleagues have written articles discussing some of....

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Russia Can Move from the US Dollar: Bitcoin to Benefit

In the article "Why The Bitcoin Price Drop Is Really Good News" I mentioned the upcoming issues on the horizon for the U. S. Dollar. Many nations are trading internationally without it now, and these "bilateral trade agreements" are on the rise. Growing global disinterest in the dollar will only increase the need for monetary alternatives that can be easily sent globally, like Bitcoin. Now, news is breaking out of Russia that they may be ready to end their time using the U. S. Dollar as Russia can move from the US Dollar much sooner than we thought. Also read: Russia Plans Bitcoin Ban by....

ZeroBlock Acquires Real-Time Bitcoin Trading Platform RTBTC

ZeroBlock, the bitcoin mobile app specialist acquired by last December, has purchased real-time bitcoin trading platform and market visualization provider RTBTC. Notably, the acquisition is part of a larger play by Blockchain to attract institutional investors to its ZeroBlock property. RTBTC will power ZeroBlock's new trading platform, and ZeroBlock's proprietary news feed will be embedded in the new trading platform, allowing traders first access to market-moving news. Dan Held, co-founder of ZeroBlock and director of product for Blockchain, told CoinDesk that the move....

newsBTC Bitcoin News App Now Available for Android Phones

newsBTC has launched its very first Bitcoin news application for Android-supporting devices,. At a minimal size of 1.75 mb, the new Bitcoin app features a BTC to USD value convertor, BTC/USD API, as well as a minute-to-minute market ticker. Alongside such handy features, the app as usual serves the freshest and the hottest Bitcoin events at users' disposal. The Homepage. Currently, the application's homepage features the Bitcoin price ticker which periodically updates itself with vital trading details such as volume, candle's high and low, average data, price, as....

China Telecom Subsidiary Accepts Bitcoin For Phone Pre-Order

China telecom subsidiary Jiangsu Telecom (based on the eastern coast of the country) has posted up a promotion on their website for the pre-order of a Samsung Android device that will be released in 2014. The move appears to be an experiment of some sort, and payments are being processed via BitBill, China's version of BitPay. This is huge news in the realm of Bitcoin businesses for the fact that when major companies recognize the power of Bitcoin, it tends to send a message to other businesses. Whether or not accepting Bitcoins to pay monthly subscriptions is yet to be seen. For now,....

Happy New Year!

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to wish you, your family, and your friends a very happy new year! As we move into 2014, I think we'll see plenty of great bitcoin news and some incredible things happening in this community. I'd be delighted for you to join me here as we break news and do our jobs to keep you in the know. May your year bring you success, happiness, and health! Eric


If we remember, 15 years ago if you were doing anything on the Internet you were going to make millions. I think it could be the same with Bitcoin.

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