Nxt Rebound: Nxt Price Rises 14% in 24 Hours

Nxt Rebound: Nxt Price Rises 14% in 24 Hours

Over the past week, many altcoins have experienced significant price increases. What is striking about this trend is that it has not only affected altcoins with small market caps (whose prices are easy to manipulate) but has stretched to altcoin heavyweights such as Dogecoin and now Nxt, who have previously encountered prolonged price declines. CCN analyzes the Nxt price increase within the context of its recent downtrend. Nxt Price Rises 14% in 24 Hours. The Nxt price rose 14% in 24 hours from September 4-5. On September 4, the Nxt price was 5,980 satoshis. For most of the day, the Nxt....

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The minimal target of the upward trend has been reached. Bitcoin’s price is in rebound before a new push. What direction will Bitcoin choose? The upward trend didn’t follow through, but despite that, Bitcoin’s price has still reached its nearest target. The level of $418-19 was a peak of a bearish rebound within a larger scale trend. Movements like these are usually followed by a rebound towards the larger structure, which in our case has started at $403. The peak of that rebound is going to be around $410.5, where Bitcoin’s price may suddenly stop and pick a direction.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Trends: 4/14/2016

Ethereum’s price is currently in a rebound towards the downward trend. How deep will this rebound be? Will the rebound grow into a turn to growth? The short-term upward trend is actually a rebound toward the medium-term downward dynamics. So it’s a bit too early to be talking about a turnaround in the medium-term scale. For the continuation of the downward trend to become likely, Ethereum’s price has to fortify at the level of $8. After forming a turn there, there will be a good chance for the downward trend to continue. That will indicate that the bulls are a....

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After a continuous decline back in the beginning of March, Bitcoin’s price is now undergoing a period of tentative growth. Will this end up in a new, even sharper fall? What trend should we expect in April? The first month of spring has passed. As was predicted, Bitcoin’s price underwent a downward rebound toward $400-390. The likelihood of that rebound was high, due to the price reaching a key level, while moving along an upward trend. After that, the market had to choose a new trend, and it needed a rebound to do that. Bitcoin price has recoiled and stopped at another key level. At such....

Bitcoin Price Analysis: 3/25/2016

A rebound towards the upward trend continues. Will there be a trend on the weekend? What is the likely point of start of the new impulse? The minimal target of a rebound towards the whole upward movement which started at $403 has not been reached. There won’t be a full correction until we see one more downward wave. The $412 level is profitable for the bears, because it’s the “cheapest” price for further movement within the upward trend. That point will be the minimal target for a rebound.

Bitcoin Price Alalysis: 4/06/2016

Bitcoin’s price is at the peak of a short-term rebound. At this level the trend is likely to change in favor of the bears. Will there be a rebound within an upward trend or a turn to decline? Is there potential for continued growth? The upward trend is not developing with certainty. Such vague movement can be caused by the medium-term bear positions, who are placing deals taking the current dynamics for a rebound towards the downward trend, which has started at $450. But the closer the price gets to the medium-term level of $427, the higher the probability of a more powerful movement becomes.