4 Court Cases Helping Shape the US Stance on Bitcoin

4 Court Cases Helping Shape the US Stance on Bitcoin

While the bitcoin economy is currently backed by $284m in venture capital and has a growing band of high-profile supporters, it still operates in a regulatory grey area in its largest market. Unsurprisingly, just how the US will and should choose to regulate the digital currency is the subject of a continuing debate throughout all sectors of the ecosystem. But, while the media focuses largely on policymakers like those currently making waves in New York, the country's courts may yet prove to have a deciding influence on the legal future of bitcoin. Earlier this month Trendon Shavers made....

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Belgian Court Allows "Unlawful Evidence" In Fiscal Court Cases

The world of finance already seems to evolve at a slow pace, yet some countries manage to come up new ideas that make the situation even worse than before. Recently the Belgian Court of Cassation has decided to let the Department of Finance use any evidence in court, even if it has been obtained through “dubious” activities. When governmental bodies and departments start blurring the lines between what is morally correct, and what is an outright breach of privacy, things take a turn for the worse. The main issue most people have with the ruling by the Belgian Court of Cassation....

Russian Court Overturns Ban on Access to Bitcoin Websites

Interest in bitcoin and blockchain technology by business and governments around the world increased in the past months. However, many governments have yet to take an official stance on digital currencies while some have placed restrictions or regulations on the use of Bitcoin. Russia was one of these countries, as it blocked access to websites with information about Bitcoin. The ban was implemented by the City Court Nevyansk on the basis that these sites contained information which was prohibited in the Russian Federation. The ban began on January 13th 2015 and included access to the....

Estonian High Court Asks Government to Clarify Bitcoin Stance

The Estonian Supreme Court has asked the country's central bank, two of its civil ministries and its top financial regulator to answers questions related to bitcoin as it considers a case on the legality of the digital currency. The questions focus on the application of anti-money laundering (AML) statutes to bitcoin activities, as well as the broader nature of the financial technology, according to a translation of the court's 19th November decision. Eesti Pank, the Interior and Finance Ministries, and the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority must respond to the court's request by....

Bitcoin in the Docks: 7 Crypto Court Cases

Bitcoin is back in the headlines again this week, but for all the wrong reasons. It surfaced yesterday that two operators of bitcoin exchange Coin.mx were being charged by US prosecutors for working without a money transmission license. This is by no means the first time characters associated to bitcoin have had a brush with the law - the space has certainly witnessed more than its fair share of scams, hacks and deception. With this in mind, let's take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of some of the more high-profile bitcoin-related court cases. 1. Charlie Shrem: bitcoin's....

European High Court Decides Bitcoin Should be Tax-Free

Today, the 22nd of October, The European Union’s top court ruled that Bitcoin and digital currencies should be exempt from sales taxes within the 28-country block. The European Court of Justice stated it saw no reason to treat Bitcoin differently transactions involving Fiat currency used as legal tender. The Court ruling was made clear following a complaint by a Swedish entrepreneur wanting to provide a service on a Bitcoin exchange which involved other traditional currencies. The Swedish entrepreneur wrote to the court arguing that the service should be tax-free.


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