Litecoin Price Holding Steady After Dip

Litecoin Price Holding Steady After Dip

Last week, the litecoin price fell 11% amid widespread altcoin decline. Since then, the litecoin price has not improved-but it has not gotten worse either. The litecoin price maneuvered the ups and downs of the altcoin market to remain relatively stable from October 11-18. Also Read: Litecoin Mining Pools Receive Help from KNC to Improve Titan Hash Rate. Litecoin Price Holding Steady After Dip. On October 11, the litecoin price was still reeling from a weekly decline that had dropped the coin's value from ~1,150,000 satoshis to 1,034,500. The decline continued until October 13, when the....

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Rising around $50 in price, Bitcoin had a crazy ride this week. Breaking the monotony that we’ve seen for the last 18 weeks with only single digit changes and the occasional bull run, the rise from $260 to $310 is reminiscent of the kind of trading we saw last year. With a steady buying pattern this week, Bitcoin users experienced steady gains in price with no signs of stopping soon. Interestingly enough, most of the trading seems to be occurring inside the United States rather than being dominated by the Chinese markets like what is usually the case. If you examine the....

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Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 11/9/2015 - Holding Up Well

Litecoin is holding up fairly well at $2.955 after Bitcoin successfully retested the important support level of $235. The cryptocurrency is up 1.65 percent but it may have entered into a range of $2.500-3.160. My view above is based on the price action and the latest technical indications drawn from the daily LTC-USD price which fail to induce much confidence. Litecoin Chart Structure - Litecoin's fall was arrested by a swift rise in the price of Bitcoin after it kissed $235. Apart from Bitcoin's contribution, Litecoin also received good support from the 9-day simple moving average of....

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After a sharp spike off a support level, litecoin price is still exhibiting a steady downtrend and is testing the moving average on its 1-hour time frame from Bitfinex. If the short-term MA (red) continues to hold, price could retest its former lows and perhaps make new ones. Technical indicators on the same time frame confirm that the cryptocurrency is set to weaken in the short term. The shorter-term EMA (red) is moving below the longer-term EMA (green), confirming the presence of bearish pressure. In addition, the moving averages are edging further apart, which means that the selling....

Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: Altcoins in confusion whether Bitcoin growth will proceed?

On the 12-hour chart of Litecoin we see that yesterday there was the fifth reach to the top of $3.80 in two weeks, which happened due to a sharp growth of Bitcoin again. However, Litecoin went higher than $3.50 and then moved down to the same level of $3.20. This time, while the Bitcoin price grows, the LTC/BTC pair fell, having reached an 0.085 exchange rate. While miners don't believe in Litecoin prospects, this cryptocurrency has no prospects for steady growth.


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