Quark Price Trending Down

Quark Price Trending Down

The Quark market cap has trended downwards in recent months. Since bubbling and then crashing in December 2013, the Quark price spent most of 2014 continuing to decline. In September, the Quark price experienced a short rally, but the prolonged downtrend has reclaimed those gains. CCN examines this altcoin price decline to help investors make informed trading decisions. Also Read: Basketball Legend Shaquille O'Neal Mentions Quark Cryptocurrency. The Quark price had a bad November. The Quark price has had an especially bad November. On November 1, the Quark price was 1,821 satoshis. The....

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Basketball Legend Shaquille O'Neal Mentions Quark Cryptocurrency

The Quarkcoin Logo. Long-time basketball star Shaquille O'Neal has a new video game on the horizon utilizing the cryptocurrency Quark, also known as Quarkcoin, and it seems as though the legend is doing his research. Or, at least reading from a script. Shaq took to his webcam and explained what Quark is in a brief segment that was then uploaded to YouTube. Of course, the video is not an endorsement of cryptocurrency on Shaq's behalf by any means, as it could easily be him simply practicing for a line in the game. Whether or not Shaq owns any Quark is unknown, but there is a direct tie....

Bitcoin Now Trending on Wikipedia

Well here's the surprise of the century. Not long ago, Bitcoin was trending on Chinese search engine Baidu. And then it was trending on Yahoo. It didn't end there, though. It began to trend on Google, too. But now, the very topic of Bitcoin is trending on Wikipedia (see above image, via Reddit). With over 137,000 views today, it's put in second place right behind Halloween. That's pretty impressive. That makes the cryptocurrency a more popular read than, say, Boston Red Sox, Facebook, and Eminem's new album on the online encyclopedia. Pretty impressive. Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Ultracoin Price Trending Up Amid Marketing Redesign

Originally launched in February 2014, Ultracoin offers 30-second transaction times using the ASIC-resistant Scrypt-ChaCha algorithm. Although it has never gained a widespread following, Ultracoin persevered throughout what has been a tumultuous year for altcoins. Recently, the Ultracoin price has trended upwards, perhaps in part due to a new marketing initiative launched by the coin's director. Also read: Ultracoin Sponsors Great Pacific Racer Elsa Hammond. Ultracoin Price Trending Up Amid Marketing Redesign. Long-time Ultracoin community member Steven "Rapture" became Management Director....

Quarkcoin Partners with Moolah and Shaq-Fu 2 Team

Quarkcoin, boasting its speed and security, has been the centerpiece of an avid community. Together with the Quark Foundation, they have been hard at work to integrate Quarkcoin into the developing landscape of the digital realm. Today, the Quark community launched a large publicity project at Thunderclap. They exceeded their goal and were able to reach over 6 million people on social media platforms worldwide. They were able to meet their goal with the help of a rather unlikely source: "Quark announces their partnership with the innovative development team behind Shaq-Fu: The Legend....

Ethercoin Price Falling-- Are Investors Rightfully Disillusioned?

Ethercoin is an asset backed by the Ethereum project's ethers, which Ethercoin developers purchased during the Ethereum presale. Assuming the developers fulfill their promise, ethercoin holders can redeem their coins at a 1:1 ratio for ethers once the Ethereum project official launches its blockchain. Since its launch, the ethercoin price has been incredibly volatile, bringing huge price swings almost every day. Nevertheless, the ethercoin price has been trending downwards. This price decline might tempt traders to invest on speculation, but investing in Ethercoin is a bad idea. Also Read:....


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