BTC Pool Party, a New Transparently Audited, Publicly Traded US Bitcoin Mining Pool

BTC Pool Party, a New Transparently Audited, Publicly Traded US Bitcoin Mining Pool

BTC Pool Party Data Center Building In Progress. BTC Pool Party is a new Bitcoin mining pool that has gone into operation in the last few months. With so many mining pools and centralization driving several to close, a new pool is almost unheard of. When CCN contacted BTC Pool Party, an interesting person in the Bitcoin mining hardware business turned out to be a very big part of it. Juan Garavaglia, the CEO of, is the VP in charge at BTC Pool Party. He is the lead Bitmain authorized distributor for the US and Canada and sells to Bitcoin miners of all sizes with some very large....

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The Terror of Mining Pool Centralization

One of the many issues that has a lot of Bitcoiners periodically soiling their pants in fear is that of mining pool centralization. Earlier this year was a crisis with and in the year before was one with BTCGuild (which has announced it is going offline soon. How the mighty have fallen). Naturally, nothing came of these supposed crises other than all manner of exhibitionist hang-wringing, such as when Peter Todd told everyone he had sold half his bitcoins due to the threat. But what about the 51% attack? What about decentralization? Bullshit. The 51% attack is a risk that arises.... Launches Next Generation Bitcoin Mining Pool that Gives Back officially launched a Bitcoin Mining Pool. Its goal is to prevent any future 51% attacks on the bitcoin network by redistributing the total network's hashing power. Directpool comes in as the next generation mining pool to further redistribute total network hashrate while giving back to the Bitcoin community. New York, NY (PRWEB) March 18, 2014. The Bitcoin community raised concerns about a pool reaching the 51% network hashpower. That pool can potentially control double-spend transactions, affect confirmations and prevent miners from mining valid blocks. Satoshi himself was.... Mining Pool Has Mined $250 Million in Bitcoin in One Year

Popular bitcoin mining pool operator has taken no shortage of criticism over the past few months, but they're still not shying away from showing off their mining power. The pool, which launched over a year ago now in 2013, has generated nearly $250 million USD with the combined power of all miners across the world connected to the pool. That's 413,752 bitcoins, if you were wondering. The information comes from an infographic released by the pool operator, which reveals other interesting statistics. (You can view the infographic by clicking here). The pool has consumed 159.5 million KW/H of....

BTC China's New Pool Mines 3,325 BTC in Five Weeks

BTC China has announced that its new mining pool, which launched just five weeks ago and is exclusively Chinese, has already generated over $1.2m in bitcoin. The company said that as of 28th November, the pool had mined 3,325 BTC, or $1,226,758.75 according to the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index at the time of writing. Blockchain's Hashrate Distribution Chart ranks the BTC China pool 7th-largest overall, contributing around 13.9 PH/s, or 5% of the world's bitcoin hashing power. An estimation of hashrate distribution amongst the largest mining pools. Source: Blockchain. The firm says it....

Slush’s Pool Beta Is More Than Just a Facelift

Slush’s Pool was introduced in late 2010 and was the brainchild of Marek Palatinus who saw a need for pooled mining resources to be able to keep more people mining Bitcoin. He developed the Stratum style of mining to help miners receive payouts in a landscape of escalating mining power. The development of Slush’s Pool brought with it a new era of Bitcoin mining and changed forever the way we mine Bitcoin and many other Cryptocurrencies. Marek’s words about how he came up with pooled mining are quite fitting. Now on November 17th Satoshi Labs announced the new Beta for Slush’s Pool. Slush’s....


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