The Bears Win this Bitcoin Price Battle

The Bears Win this Bitcoin Price Battle

It appears a tug of war between the bulls and the bears, stalemated for a while, is finally being tilted toward the bears. For several days now, in the shorter term time frames, there has been a preponderance of evidence or clues, that the market wanted to go lower. As markets are known to do, it stubbornly refused to do so. Eventually gravity wins, and what wants to go down, does go down, especially when popular webwallets have security flaws. 8-hour Chart. Let's look at the 8-hour chart we saw last night. Note that for the first time since the October low, we have had a close beneath the....

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Bitcoin Price Fails at Major Resistance

Bitcoin price has fallen rather sharply following failure to breach a strong resistance level. I was hoping for an upwards break but the pesky full moon appeared (again at a market inflection point, starting to think there's something to this moon phase stuff...) to foil my Plan A. The bears have won a minor skirmish - but not the battle and certainly not the war. After failing to breach a key level, 850 on Bitstamp or 950 on Gox, the Bitcoin price is now staging a fighting retreat back to Support. At the time of writing, the down move has at least paused around the 820 / 0.236 Fib level.....

Ethereum (ETH) Price Trends: 4/08/2016

Ethereum’s price has carried out one of the trend development scenarios. The downward trend continues. What level will prove critical for this trend? Ethereum’s market has picked a downward scenario, discarding the possibility of forming a turn to growth. Despite the price fortifying at a level profitable for the bears, the bulls have failed to hold the advantage, and thus there was no turn to growth. The short-term downward trend will continue, as long as the advantage stays with the bears. The most likely point for a turn to growth is at $10.3, where a lot of trading volume converges.....

Analysis: Bitcoin Price Stair-Stepping Down

Trade during yesterday's US session had pulled the Bitcoin price up towards the upper channel trendline, only to sell it off to near the day's low. The sense is that the bulls and the bears had spent themselves in yesterday's battle for control resulting in today's muted trade. However, a lot is at stake since the outcome of today's trading sessions will show the shape of things to come. The Bitstamp chart was sold back down to the low $460s without making a new low, whereas BTC-China's BTC/CNY price was traded to a marginal new low of 2,860 CNY. This is not a new decline low, but it did....

Bitcoin Price Analysis and Cyberattack Compromises 76Mil JPMorgan Accounts

The Bitcoin price is descending in fits and starts as the bears try to wrestle it to new lows while buyers are entering at the lows. Global markets, however, are currently in a state of panic after stocks tumbled to new lows yesterday. Adding to the growing uncertainty about financial corporates, JPMorgan revealed that more than 76 million household accounts held with the investment bank have been compromised due to cyberattacks. Update. Time of update: October 3, 2014 at 12:00 pm EST. Price had hit $360.00 (Bitstamp) and reversed. It's difficult to see how the bears are going to negotiate....

Ethereum (ETH) Price Trends: 4/12/2016

Ethereum’s price is forming a sideway moment. The rebound off a critical level has indicated that the advantage is currently staying with the bears. Will the downward trend continue? Flat, or sideway movement always forms between two key levels. These levels are a result of the market's attitudes. If the price fortifies at any of the two resistances, that means that either bears or bulls have won the advantage. Thus, the basis of trading tactics during flat, are deals opened at such key levels. For Ethereum’s price to start moving upward, it has to break through the level of $8.8.


I was really nspired by the boundaries people were pushing... [Bitcoin] seemed like something people bet against because the government oesn't welcome with open arms what they don't control. But it is such a big idea that it could never be controlled.

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