Why Bitcoin Creates a Voluntary Tax System

Why Bitcoin Creates a Voluntary Tax System

Travis Patron is a digital money researcher and author of The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet of Money. Here he explains why bitcoin may facilitate a taxation environment subversive to national governments and argues that cryptocurrency is already taxed by default. As the age of cryptocurrency comes into full force, it will facilitate a subversively viable taxation avoidance strategy for many of the technically savvy users of peer-to-peer cryptographic payment systems. In doing so, cryptocurrency will act to erode the tax revenue base of national jurisdictions and, ultimately, reposition....

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BitMarkets is an already-launched P2P marketplace similar to the much-touted OpenBazaar. Its protocol integrates Bitcoin for buying and selling, but its client software is currently only available for Mac OSX. Regarding compatibility with other operating systems, lead developer Steve Dekorte says: BitMarkets is just one product in Dekorte's wider umbrella at Voluntary.net. Also included is a customized Bitmessage client for BitMarkets called BitPost, as well as a Tor relay node customization program called TorBar. Dekorte spoke with CoinTelegraph about BitMarkets and Voluntary.net's....

Developer Creates Blockchain Passport Technology Based on Bitcoin

Christopher Ellis has created software that allows anyone to create a World Citizen Passport. The software uses PGP encryption software and the Blockchain to create an identification paper that is almost impossible mathematically to fake. Not only can the Blockchain be used to store these world passports, it can store all kinds of documents including loans, contracts, and receipts, as well assimplify modern banking. The Blockchain's potential has barely been tapped into by society as a whole. Ellis' new World Citizen Passport software utilizes the Blockchain in ways that have never been....

Boosting Bitcoin Classic Mining With Voluntary Fees on A Bitcoin Exchange

Various proposals are floating around on the Internet to raise more support for Bitcoin Classic in these days of block size debates and transaction backlogs. Some people proposed the idea of setting up a crowdfunding effort for those miners who generate Bitcoin Classic blocks on the network. This new idea would see one exchange owner implement a voluntary fee – on top of normal fees – to support the mining of Bitcoin Classic blocks. An interesting concept for sure, but will the community accept it?

Bitnation Announces a Decentralized Application for Basic Income Based on Bitcoin 2.0 Technology and Voluntary Fees

The Decentralized Application (DApp) basicincome.co will be hosted on the Bitnation core platform - Bitnation Pangea - after its release in 2015. Basicincome.co will be a first experimental attempt to provide a system for a crypto based Universal Basic Income (UBI), entirely based on voluntary 'taxes' (e.g. transaction fees). Basicincome.co is the brainchild of Swedish student Johan Nygren, who invites the crypto community to engaged in the project and visit the basicincome.co GitHub repository. Bitnation leader Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof said to CCN: "As an entrepreneur, I know money is....

How Bitcoin Leads to Voluntary Government

More people could view taxation theft when Bitcoin gives them a chance to opt-out. While the Bitcoin community is usually willing to accept anyone with open arms and no political discrimination, the reality is that there is certainly a political aspect to the technology surrounding cryptocurrencies. The politics of Bitcoin are rather supportive of a more voluntary government, and there isn't really any way to get around this issue. While bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies could definitely be used as the main form of currency to support basically any form of government, the difference with....


Bitcoin is evil.

Paul Krugman, Nobel-prize winning economist