Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Scales a New Year-High

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Scales a New Year-High

The Bitstamp Price Index confirmed a new year-high price for Bitcoin at $334.05, this morning. The peak is yet another milestone for the cryptocurrency which has been on a steady upward trajectory predominantly since September. The year-high peak struck at 07:11 UTC and has since dropped to $322.780 at the time of publishing. For a live Bitcoin Price chart, click here.

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Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Scales Beyond $570

In keeping up with its recent bullish run, bitcoin price soared to break beyond $570, scaling a near two-year high. The Bitstamp Price Index (BPI) shoved through the $570 mark today to ring in a high of $574.85. The number represents a price high of nearly two years. On August 11, 2014, bitcoin traded at a high of $590.73 for the day. At the close of that day, bitcoin was trading at $573.98. Today bitcoin price at USD began at $538 in the BPI. Increased trading saw the day’s first spike begin at 08:00, when bitcoin was trading at $538.84. An hour later, at 09:00, the BPI had....

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Gallops Beyond $450

It’s 2016 and bitcoin price gains its first significant surge of the year to gain over $20 in a 10-hour period to scale beyond $450. The Bitstamp Price Indexstarted the day at $430.80 and surged through the next 12 hours to reach a high of $454 at the time of publishing. The figure represents a new year-high and also represents the highest price since Christmas 2015. Christmas day saw a high of $455.51 before a significant drop in bitcoin price saw the cryptocurrency trading at $417 the following day. The first spike of the today started at 02:10 AM UCT when bitcoin price stood at....

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Soars Past $450

Another day, another peak scaled by bitcoin. Today, the Bitstamp Price Index rang $450 for the first time this year. The bitcoin price struck $450.38 at 10:44 UTC today and scaled yet another year high of $483 at the time of publishing. For a live Bitcoin Price chart, click here.

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Touches $444, a 100-day High

Bitcoin price has made gains over the past few days to set a new 3-month high of $443.69 today. The Bitstamp Price Index struck $440 at 16:00 yesterday, April 20 and has remained to hover over the figure ever since. At the time of publishing, the price of bitcoin was trading at $444. The figure represents the first time Bitcoin price has scaled beyond $440, with January 11 being the last time the cryptocurrency traded at the ceiling. Initial signs of a swell came to the fore first on April 19, when the price spiked from $430 at 20:30 to $434.55 in under 90 minutes. On April 20,....

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Hits $290

The Bitstamp Price Index struck $290 early this morning, adding another milestone in Bitcoin's steady climb over the last couple of months. The bitcoin price rang in the milestone at 05:52 UTC and reached a high of $291.78. The price at the time of publishing is $290.010. The growth is likely to be a result of increased trading in Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, after China's central bank recently slashed its rates in an attempt to kickstart the slowing economy. For a live Bitcoin Price chart, click here.