Launches Bitcoin Auction Marketplace Launches Bitcoin Auction Marketplace

Biterial is a website that offers a place where buyers can purchase items for Bitcoin and sellers can sell items for Bitcoin. Biterial, similar to Ebay, offers automated in-house escrow.

For buyers looking to buy on Biterial, one can review items bid on, items awaiting payment, items held in escrow and items that were paid for and shipped. The most popular items trending on Biterial include: Gift Cards, Gold, Scripts and many others.

Top notch security includes a private escrow service of which deals are finalized once the buyer presses "Release Escrow" from the "Won Items" page. Escrow is provided in-house by Biterial and does not rely on any third parties. Each transaction offers 30 days of buyer protection to protect against fraudulent transactions.

Fees are low and deducted from the final price of any items sold. The fee for escrow is 1% or 0.0001BTC, whichever is higher. Payments are deposited to the users Wallet where fees are deducted before the remaining amount is paid to the seller. Price calculations are handled by BitcoinAverage which provide a fair price for both buyers and sellers, regardless of what exchange they use.

For sellers looking to sell on Biterial, the process of signing up is as easy as registering and publishing an item. Once signed up, sellers can set their profile, post an item, check private message, review feedback and optionally sign-up for the Biterial affiliate program. Sellers also have access to view their sold items, items held in escrow, live listings, items awaiting payment, closed listings, items not shipped and offers received.

"We're extremely pleased to be able to offer such a unique marketplace to the world" quoted Alan Parson, President of Biterial.

"Our website, combined with Bitcoin, offers a safe and convenient solution for both buyers and sellers".

"Sellers can list items for free and buyers are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee". "We look forward to becoming the webs largest Bitcoin marketplace".

To begin buying or selling on Biterial, visit:


Founded in 2016, Biterial is one of the webs most emerging Bitcoin marketplaces. User friendly with payment processing by Bitcoin, Biterial offers a convenient solution for Buyers to purchase goods with Bitcoins and for Sellers to sell goods for Bitcoin. Funds are held in escrow with Biterial offering a 30 day money-back 100% protection guarantee.

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