Bitcoin Deposit Platform MyBitDeposit Launches Also Supporting LTC and DASH

Bitcoin Deposit Platform MyBitDeposit Launches Also Supporting LTC and DASH

MyBitDeposit LLCis the first cryptocurrency deposit company on the Bitcoin trade market that allows multiple deposit options.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency deposit platform MyBitDeposit offers users the opportunity to make bitcoin, litecoin and dash deposits to earn a secure passive income. MyBitDeposit is a transparent company registered in US, contactable by phone, and with both founders available on LinkedIn. Their professional team of traders make calculated investments with the company funds to earn profit for their clients. There are no fees for opening, maintaining or closing a deposit account. MyBitDeposit are now seeking additional funding.

The MyBitDeposit team has developed a Bitcoin investment strategy that has been created to provide the highest possible returns for their customers. Interest rates are growing every month, increasing up to 24.00% P.A. Founder Aleksandar Altanbashev explains,

“We have a team from professional traders. They have developed an investment strategy and earn interest through trading on existing exchanges. We also have created a money buffer with already attracted funding from private investors – $100 000. This measure provides our clients with protection from any future losses.”

MyBitDeposit users can choose from two deposit options “MyBitDeposit in Advance” and “MyBitDeposit Term Deposit”. BTC, LTC and DASH can be used in all types of deposits.

‘MyBitDeposit in Advance’ is optimal for clients who prefer to receive their interest when they open their deposit account rather than at its maturity.

Benefits for the clients:

  • The interest is payable at the beginning of the period
  • High Interest rate – fixed for the whole period
  • No charges for opening, maintaining, and closing the deposit account.
  • 24/7 Support

Investors that choose to open ‘MyBitDeposit term deposit’ will receive the same benefits with the difference that the client enters into an agreement with MyBitDeposit; according to which, upon the expiration of the term that is fixed under the agreement, MyBitdeposit owes the client interest which amount is according to the amount deposited.

To learn more about MyBitDeposit please go to:

About MyBitDeposit

MyBitDeposit was founded by former test engineer and technical support analyst Aleksandar Altanbashev and former technical support engineer Miroslav Angelov.

The team have solid experience in a variety of technologies: Backup solutions, C/C++, PHP, Bash, MySQL, Linux.

MyBitDeposit is a privately owned company operating on the Bitcoin trade market and have been verified by GeoTrust which requires a “Professional Opinion Letter” signed by a lawyer located in US.

MyBitDeposit LLC is a Delaware Limited-Liability Company (LLC) filed on June 1, 2015. The company’s File Number is listed as 5757206. The Registered Agent is Incorp Services, Inc. and is located at 1201 Orange St., Ste 600 One Commerce Center, Wilmington, DE 19899

For more information please visit:

Country: Sofia, Bulgaria

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