Tendermint to Unveil UI, Demo First Blockchain Apps

Tendermint to Unveil UI, Demo First Blockchain Apps

Attendees of the San Francisco Block Chain Conference at Mission Bay Conference Center will be witness to the unveiling of a blockchain-building architecture modelled for the world of enterprise software development.

San Francisco-based Tendermint is behind a novel architecture allowing for the creation of blockchain technologies through a simple and intuitive platform, and will unveil their blockchain manager user interface (UI) and demo its first simple blockchain applications at the Block Chain Conference this week.

Dustin Byington, co-founder and president of Tendermint, said: “Reception has been really positive. The ease of application development and ability to program your blockchain applications in any language is a huge selling point.

“Additionally, a big differentiator is that Tendermint is much more general than other asset-based architectures. This allows us to handle a broader set of use cases, such as those involving lines of credit — a necessity for verticals like foreign exchange.”

“Tendermint’s blockchain architecture is unlike anything out there, and we’re confident of the design choices we’ve made” said co-founder and CEO of Tendermint, Jae Kwon.

“We look forward to demoing a few apps running in various languages this week, and finally revealing our blockchain manager UI.”

Since the Tendermint project began in 2014, it has evolved from a token-based competitor to Bitcoin to a more modular design offering the flexibility in programming today’s industries seek.

“The Tendermint Blockchain Platform is built for the demanding and complex world of enterprise software development. It is fast, secure, scalable, modular, and regulator friendly,” said co-founder and chief technology officer Ethan Buchman.

“But while our platform is enterprise grade,” said Kwon,

“we seek to lower the barrier to entry to blockchain application development and welcome developers of all kinds. Often the hardest problems are solved in garages.”

Tendermint’s apparatus offers potentially greater security than what Bitcoin’s blockchain can provide. The platform uses classical Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus, a model adapted from academic research. Additionally, it is much faster because it uses quorums and public-key cryptography to secure the ledger, rather than electricity and hash-mining.

About Tendermint

Tendermint is an open source blockchain development project that removes the previous complexities associated with blockchain development so that large institutions, as well as smaller, independent programmers can create their own blockchain technologies easily and efficiently.

Feb. 8 – SF BitDevs: http://www.meetup.com/SF-Bitcoin-Devs/events/228451235/
Feb. 10 – The Block Chain Conference: http://www.theblockchainconference.com/

Jae Kwon, co-founder and CEO of Tendermint, created Tendermint to save the world from needlessly wasting electricity to secure distributed ledgers. Along the way he realized that using quorums and cryptography instead of energy and hashing affords many advantages such as speed and scalability.

Dustin Byington, co-founder and president at Tendermint, Dustin worked at Goldman Sachs through the financial crisis which opened his eyes to the many problems within the banking industry. After getting his MBA he turned his efforts towards solving these longstanding problems through the use of blockchain technology.

Ethan Buchman, co-founder and chief technology officer at Tendermint, Ethan sees consensus algorithms as a 21st-century means of binding humanity; driven to empower humans with new ways to coordinate and reach agreement at scale.

Peng Zhong, front-end engineer at Tendermint and one of the few designers that can code ‘unicorns’. Peng is motivated to spur blockchain adoption by creating easy to use and beautiful user interfaces.

For more information on Tendermint visit: http://www.Tendermint.com/

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