An Interview with and the CEO

An Interview with and the CEO

An Interview with and the CEO.

Recently, we got a very good chance for an exclusive interview with Mr. Weicheng, GUO, CEO of the young cryptocurrency investment platform – OXBTC to share with us some in-depth ideas on cloud mining industry. Now let’s see the details of the interview:

1. Who are you? What does OXBTC do?

OXBTC ( is an integrated cryptocurrency investment platform with the world’s highest ROI. Founded by several well-established investors in China, OXBTC has an experienced R&D team who has been in the cryptocurrency industry for many years. Our long-time experience in Bitcoin mining and farm deployment support our success and leadership in China’s Bitcoin mining industry. Meanwhile, we have many reliable partners to make the best of global resources and deliver the most cost-efficient hashing power.

OXBTC provides Bitcoin/Litecoin deposit and GHS/MHS/ETH cloud mining services for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. You can purchase, trade cloud hash power and invest in Bitcoin/Litcoin deposit to enjoy the world’s highest Bitcoin/Litecoin ROI.

2. Where are your mining operations?

Located in 3 different regions in China (Sichuan, Ordos and Inner Mongolia), OXBTC’s mining farms cover a total area of over 200 acres, running away 10 PetaHash Bitcoin cloud hashrates and 30 GigaHash Ether cloud hashrates.

Benefited by a very competitive electricity cost as low as 15 cents per kWH in the mining areas, and a fast business expansion, OXBTC is able to deliver the most cost-efficient cloud mining services to its global customers, the number of which is about to surpass 80,000. We welcome all of you if you’d like to pay a visit to our farms.

3. Is cloud mining profitable? What do you see about cloud mining?

I can’t say on others’ behalf but cloud mining with OXBTC is undoubtedly profitable and will continue to be as the mining rigs keep updated and OXBTC will continue to introduce the best miners to guarantee a highest ROI for our users. And we have a big advantage in electricity cost as we established a partnership with local governments where our mining farms are located to support the most cost-efficient and sustainable power.

We believe cloud mining will keep up with its momentum as it provides another way – convenient and profitable for Bitcoin enthusiasts to mine on their own and be freed of all the trouble of maintaining.

4. How does it work for Ether cloud mining?

To follow the new trend for Ethereum in the community, OXBTC fulfils its dedication in providing the world’s best cloud mining services and preempted to introduce the brand new Ether cloud mining, with a very competitive price at only $37.9 per ETH MHS. The 1-year mining contract is FREE of maintenance fees which means you can achieve ROI and start to mine profits within only a couple of months.

5. What’s your next plan? Will you stick to cloud mining or are you considering other business in the industry?

Currently, deposit and cloud mining are our main services. We will be dedicated to providing more investments products for our users in the future to make more returns in cryptocurrency. We are also working with other industrial participants to explore other opportunities in the industry. We have a very open mind and we welcome any kind of partnership as long as it’ll benefit our 80,000 users globally.

6. Tell us something about yourself and your experience in the industry, Mr. GUO?

I’m less than 30 years old but I’ve carried out quite a few start-up projects on my own, in different industries. I like to try new things and I own vision and entrepreneurship. I got to know Bitcoin only 2 years ago. Now you see I’m running three of the largest mining farms in China. I saw great opportunity in the industry even though I knew nothing about it back then. And I wanted to share my expertise with more Bitcoin lovers so that you can benefit too from what we have won, and won hard. We share the same enthusiasm, and I’d like to share with you the same ROI too. OXBTC will work even harder in this regard.

Facebook: OXBTC (

Twitter: @oxbitcoin

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