Bitcoin Price Parabola

Bitcoin Price Parabola

Bitcoin price is picking up the pace and has covered almost $20 in some exchange charts. Fibonacci ratio targeting shows there is at least another $20 of upside in the tank. Bitcoin price is accelerating to the upside in a manner that frequently results in a price spike. According to two evident Fibonacci extension projections the wave top should form around the December and January highs, although the spike may extend much higher. Tomorrow’s analysis will consider the 1-day chart and the longer-term outlook.

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The Monacoin price had a terrible week. The "Japanese Dogecoin" saw its price fall by more than 20%, including more than 10% in the past day alone. However, the Monacoin price has historically been very volatile, and the recent price decline is not an unusual occurrence. CCN examines this altcoin price movement. Also Read: Dogecoin Price Rocket-ship Runs Out of Fuel. Monacoin Price Falls. The Monacoin price as 17,725 satoshis on October 9. The next day, it rose slightly to 18,930 satoshis. That mark would prove to be Monacoin's weekly peak. On October 11, the Monacoin price declined to....

Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 7/12 – 7/19: BTC Down 10%, Markets Holding Steady

Bitcoin, among other coins, saw both an increase in price followed by a hefty decrease in price shortly after. Bitcoin broke $300 after nearly a month of steady price gains. Unfortunately, the price was not able to stay there for more than a couple of days and since then price has fallen. While the price has attempted on multiple occasions for reentry into $300, the highest Bitcoin has been this week $294. Price has continued to decline and seems to be hovering in the upper $270’s as of right now, equating to a 4% decline for this week. With a current price at $276.95, and 24-H volume of....

Nxt Rebound: Nxt Price Rises 14% in 24 Hours

Over the past week, many altcoins have experienced significant price increases. What is striking about this trend is that it has not only affected altcoins with small market caps (whose prices are easy to manipulate) but has stretched to altcoin heavyweights such as Dogecoin and now Nxt, who have previously encountered prolonged price declines. CCN analyzes the Nxt price increase within the context of its recent downtrend. Nxt Price Rises 14% in 24 Hours. The Nxt price rose 14% in 24 hours from September 4-5. On September 4, the Nxt price was 5,980 satoshis. For most of the day, the Nxt....

Dogecoin Price Rally Continues

Despite experiencing a price rut lasting for the majority of 2014, Dogecoin has clawed its way back up the cryptocurrency market cap charts. After rising 18% on September 4, The Dogecoin price has continued its climb. Over the past week, the Dogecoin price has climbed more than 40%. Now, Dogecoin sits fifth among altcoins in total market cap. CCN examines the Dogecoin price charts. Dogecoin Price Rally Continues. September has been a great month for altcoins. In general, most top altcoins have seen their market caps increase, even as the Bitcoin price has struggled. Top 20-altcoins such as....

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The Quark market cap has trended downwards in recent months. Since bubbling and then crashing in December 2013, the Quark price spent most of 2014 continuing to decline. In September, the Quark price experienced a short rally, but the prolonged downtrend has reclaimed those gains. CCN examines this altcoin price decline to help investors make informed trading decisions. Also Read: Basketball Legend Shaquille O'Neal Mentions Quark Cryptocurrency. The Quark price had a bad November. The Quark price has had an especially bad November. On November 1, the Quark price was 1,821 satoshis. The....


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