Endorphina Game Pays Over 150 BTC at mBit Casino!

Endorphina Game Pays Over 150 BTC at mBit Casino!

MBit Casino is not new to having big winners walk through its doors. A few notable players have booked hundreds of bitcoins in winnings over the past year. This has included a 100+ BTC winner just a few months ago and even a 260 BTC winner last year. Among some of the biggest wins here, however, have come from many of the popular Endorphina slot games.

Just this past week, another lucky player booked a huge win while playing at mBit Casino. This time, the player won more than 150 BTC in a single day at Endorphina slot games, primarily 4 of a King. The winner played slots for several hours while booking their massive win. A majority of the winning spins came from large bonus rounds at 4 of a King. Below is one of the larger wins from this players’ big day:

As of now, Endorphina has developed a total of 35 games, all of which are available at mBit Casino. Each game provided by Endorphina accepts only bitcoins, and they are quickly becoming the preferred brand in online bitcoin slots. You can view all Endorphina Slot games here by selecting Endorphina from the “Providers” dropdown. If you do not already have an account, be sure to sign up today and take advantage of the generous bonuses offered at mBit Casino.

MBit Casino has never missed a single cashout since opening its doors in 2014. What’s more, their leading VIP Program has been drawing in more and more high rollers since re-launching two months ago with an improved framework. This combination of trust, reliability, VIP rewards and fun have come together perfectly, and prove that mBit Casino is truly the premier bitcoin gambling website.

MBit Casino: https://www.mbitcasino.com/casino/

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