UQUID: Load a VISA Card With Over 40 Altcoins

UQUID: Load a VISA Card With Over 40 Altcoins

Altcoin fans can now use their favorite cryptocurrencies to load a virtual VISA card, thanks to UQUID. In a world’s first, users can spend over 40 different cryptocurrencies on mobile top ups, bill payments, pharmacy and food vouchers, transportation tickets, wi-fi recharges, and PIN-less calls.

Private and Versatile.

UQUID’s VISA debit card is also the first in the world to offer unlimited loading and spending without ID verification. On top of that, users can load cards with a huge selection of the most popular altcoins — including Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, DASH, Augur, MaidSafeCoin, Steem, Dogecoin and many more.

The UQUID card’s main benefits include: No IDs or credit checks, instant issuance and free worldwide delivery, unlimited card support, and 0% POS fees. Customers can also get virtual cards denominated in GBP, EUR or USD. Debit cards come with AVS matching. Additionally, the cards can be reloaded from any payment processor worldwide.

UQUID’s VISA debit card: https://uquid.com/uquid-card

Mobile Money Services.

UQUID users can also instantly recharge any mobile phone number in 150 countries. Additionally, a UQUID-only feature allows users to customize the name and phone number receivers see, as well as a personal message. Furthermore, over 600 mobile operators worldwide accept these services, and there are over six billion mobile phones worldwide just waiting for a top-up.

Mobile Money Services: https://uquid.com/mobile-recharge

Other Services.

There’s a lot more to payments than just cards and mobiles, though. For example, UQUID covers all kinds of daily spending necessities for a range of essential goods and services. These include: grocery and pharmacy vouchers, instant payments, bill payments, PIN-less phone calls for US customers, and other bundled services.


All UQUID services offer great benefits for those who need or love to transact online — whether you’re earning or spending. Furthermore, our instant, non-reversible transactions are perfect for freelancers, gamblers, general shoppers, and of course altcoin miners.

Additionally, with our vast worldwide network of local exchange partners there’s always a way to use your digital and national currencies, whichever is more convenient for you to use.

UQUID services: https://uquid.com/solutions


UQUID launched its services to the public in May 2016. It is all-in-one solution for bitcoiners and altcoiners who want the convenience of making payments with just one click.

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