Everex Launches Chainy On the Ethereum Blockchain

Everex Launches Chainy On the Ethereum Blockchain

Chainy is an independent Ethereum based smart contract, and its data exists for as long as the blockchain lives.

Would you like to engrave something on the Ethereum blockchain for eternity? Information critical to your business, perhaps, or something deeply personal? You can do it right now, with the release of Chainy.

Chainy is an independent Ethereum based smart contract, and its data exists for as long as the blockchain lives. It will always be possible to view the data, on this and any future explorer that can access the Ethereum API. All stored proofs and data will be available forever, through Mist or some other open-source viewer.

AEON Short links

Ensure that links, once created, will always point to their original locations.

URL shorteners (e.g. bit.ly) are useful for saving space. But did it occur to you that those links may not always lead where they’re supposed to?

Using short links is a great way for hackers and malware operators to send you to a phishing or malware-infected site, instead of your favorite cookie recipe. Chainy solves this problem with the help of an Ethereum smart contract.

If you’re a moderator of content submitted by different users, you need to make sure users can’t replace the short links included with their submitted content. If you know the shortened URL in the article today leads to Forbes.com, you want to make sure that long after publication this link won’t lead users somewhere else.

Replacing links shortened with third-party services, after content has been approved and published, is the most common way to get unexpecting traffic to bad sites. Using Chainy prevents this and makes it impossible to ever replace short URLs. The real address destination is saved in the blockchain with the unique short code, and never can be changed by anybody.

Sample link to chainy github: https://txn.me/2vsYtH

Blockchain record of this link: https://txn.me/i/2vsYtH

Proof of Existence: A short link to a file and digital signature in one place

How often do you need to sign a file and provide a link, allowing others to see this file and to check its signature? For security or privacy reasons, you may not want to trust saving your file on a server belonging to a third party. Chainy solves this problem by saving the proof and a link to the file together in a smart contract.

You can even include the proof link directly in the smart contract. We made the link so short (and unique at the same time) that it’s easy to retype it or write by hand.

Sample file with link to download: https://chainy.link/2ooY2z

Short alias: https://txn.me/2ooY2z

Proof of Content

Broadcast a message and get proof of timestamp

Do you want to carve in stone your message to the world, loved one, or business partner? Claim you’re a world champion, or want to leave a message to your descendants? Now you can record your text right in the blockchain and it will be there forever. You can also leave it encrypted, for privacy.

Sample Message — “Hello World!”: https://chainy.link/2vsxtH,

Short alias: https://txn.me/2vsxtH

Chainy is the latest Ethereum product from Everex, the creators of cryptocash and Ethplorer.io. Everex is committed to Ethereum and develops services to improve that ecosystem – and transform the global economy.

All these things are possible with Chainy. To find out more about Everex and our work developing the Ethereum ecosystem, come visit us: https://everex.one/

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