CLOAKCOIN Makes a Comeback with Advanced Technology, Multi-Platform Wallets, and a Great Team

CLOAKCOIN Makes a Comeback with Advanced Technology, Multi-Platform Wallets, and a Great Team

CLOAKCOINis a well-known cryptocurrency. It is one of the first coins to target the so-called anon coin market currently being dominated by the latecomers like Monero, ZCash, and others.

There are also examples of many people abusing the anon coin market to turn it into an “easy come, easy go” market by creating Ponzi-like schemes around it. These fraudulent actions on their part have given the whole cryptocurrency market a bad reputation among serious investors.

Unlike a majority of cryptocurrencies, CLOAKCOIN is a mature and serious contender, prepared to lead the anon coin market. Since the development of CLOAKCOIN was taken over by a dedicated team of enthusiastic organizers, coders and investors, it has turned into a highly sophisticated tool for private, secure and untraceable transactions.

The CLOAKCOIN team has implemented a unique off chain peer-to-peer coin mixing arrangement called ENIGMA covered by a TOR like onion routing system named CLOAKSHIELD. The strong and independent technology introduced by CLOAKCOIN contains no master nodes, encryption that can’t be forced and no traceability guarantees anonymity for all transactions while addressing issues like fungibility and more.

Based on POS Consensus algorithm, the cryptocurrency offers an interest of 6% per annum to every hot CLOAKCOIN owner. In addition, they are also eligible to a share in the network’s 1.8% transaction fee for their support towards ENIGMA transactions. CLOAKCOIN’s easy to use wallets are already available on multiple platforms, with support for more operating systems to be added soon.

Best of all, where many other coins offer command line interface wallets which are hard to handle by the average user, CLOAKCOIN offers GUI based wallets for all major platforms which are easy to install and easy to run as you can see in this Windows Wallet v1.9.7.56 screen capture below:

These developments are reflected in the cryptocurrency’s price which is currently stable in the range of 0.0002 and 0.0003 BTC. The CLOAKCOIN team has already forged new cooperations and partnerships with different payment services and investors. In addition, the team is also launching new updates and PR campaigns, which is set to push the cryptocurrency’s price further upwards in the near future.

The following releases are expected shortly:

- Update Windows Wallet;
- Update Linux Wallet;
- Update Mac Wallet;
- New Release Mobile Wallet/HTML Wallet;
- Raspberry Pi Preconfigured Low Cost CLOAKCOIN Minting & Enigma Earning Station.

A trader’s point of view based on technical analysis

CLOAKCOIN’s trading range has been between 3k-55k since September 2014. With the cryptocurrency expected to perform a stable breakout over the major 55k resistance in the coming months, the existing trading range of 7k-20k has been broken at 29k recently and soon it is going to cross the 35k followed by 55k and more.

The next target from the chart technical point of view is the zone around 55k, while after some consolidation the next higher target is expected to be about 100k. Here we expect a short break within the strong up trend before higher targets >200k are coming. CLOAKCOIN can be currently traded on Bittrex (CLOAK/BTC), Yobit (CLOAK/BTC) and LiveCoin (CLOAK/BTC, CLOAK/USD, CLOAK/EUR) platforms.

A little bit of history

First introduced in June 2014, CLOAKCOIN reached an all-time high in August with 0.0035 BTC and a market cap of 8 Million USD before dropping back to 0.00002 BTC by the end of 2015. Since then, its development, marketing, and promotions have been taken over by a highly motivated team. The technologically advanced coin is now set to break the price barriers, emerging as one of the most valuable cryptocurrency in the coming days.

Learn more about CLOAKCOIN at:

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