Blockchain Cloud Computing Platform Releases Its Whitepaper Blockchain Cloud Computing Platform Releases Its Whitepaper is inventing the internet of the future by developing its first Blockchain-based, fully distributed cloud computing platform. has released the very first version of its whitepaper showcasing the future of Internet. The document offers a detailed description of’s vision, the market, development roadmap and the upcoming crowd sale of its tokens scheduled for January 17, 2017. which stands for “I Execute” is a French/Chinese company headquartered in Lyon, France with an office provided by Tsinghua University X-elerator. The platform was first introduced at the Ethereum Devcon2 conference held in Shanghai, China in September 2016. The team also successfully showcased a demo of the platform at the Super Computing Exhibition 2016 held in Salt Lake City, USA.

With the platform, aims to provide blockchain based distributed applications a scalable, secure and easy access to the computing resources required for their execution. It uses the blockchain to organize a market network where everyone can monetize their servers, applications, and data-sets. This technology extends the Ethereum smart contracts allowing the creation of virtual Cloud infrastructure that provides High-Performance Computing (HPC) services on-demand. leverages a set of research technologies that have been developed at the INRIA and CNRS research institutes in the field of Distributed and Parallel computing. relies on XtremWeb-HEP, a mature, solid, and open-source software which implements all the needed features viz. fault-tolerance, multi-applications, multi-users, hybrid public/private infrastructure, deployment of virtual images, data management, security and accountability, and more.

The new Proof-of-Contribution protocol being developed by allows off-chain consensus. With the Proof-of-Contribution protocol, external resource providers can have their resource usage certified directly on the Blockchain. aims to deploy a scalable, high-performance, secure and manageable infrastructure sidechain that will promote a new form of distributed governance, implying key HPC, Big Data, and Cloud industry leaders.

The team believes in a future of decentralized infrastructure and market network, where Big Data, HPC, IoT, and AI applications, highly valued data-sets, and computing resources (storage, CPU, GPU etc.) will be monetized on the Blockchain with the highest level of transparency, resiliency, and security. will be the key platform powering this future.

About is a follow-up to the CloudPower project, which was supported by the French National Research Agency (French), the University of Lyon, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science (INRIA), the University of Paris XI, and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

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Location: Lyon, France

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I Execute or is a French/Chinese company headquartered in Lyon, France with an office provided by Tsinghua University X-elerator. is developing its first Blockchain-based, fully distributed cloud computing platform to invent the internet of the future. It has already released the very first version of its whitepaper . The details of’s vision, the market, and the development roadmap are completely outlined in the document. It also elaborates upon the upcoming crowdsale of’s tokens scheduled for January 17, 2017. is a follow-up....

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