P2P Exchange Just Got Better with new player Remitano

P2P Exchange Just Got Better with new player Remitano

With the banks keep harassing centralized exchange, P2P Exchange is getting more attention as it nullifies the ability of the banks to shut down the exchange.

Taken Malaysia for example, in the last month, the banks decided to shut down bank accounts of many famous centralized exchanges in effect cause great trouble when customers trying to cash out or deposit. During that time, trading had been in effect shifted to P2P Exchanges, like Remitano.

Unlike a centralized exchange, Remitano P2P Exchange only deal with Bitcoin and left the user to deal with the bank, so its operation can't be hindered by banks' temper.

Coming late to the party, Remitano has tried to make it different to other P2P exchange, notably its simple UI and friendly customer support. If there is an issue, the customer can jump on live chat to get their question answered and their issue resolved in short time. In addition to that, Remitano offers a fee of 0.5%, which is significantly lower than other major players on the market.

Remitano is provided by Babylon Solutions Limited, incorporated in Seychelles. Currently, it has service in many countries including United States, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China.

Based on traffic metrics, Remitano has its most traffic in Vietnam, Nigeria, and Malaysia. Remitano claimed to be biggest Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam. It aims to gain the same position in other Asia and Africa countries. Also, its service introduction in the United States and Australia signal its intention to go global aggressively.

Remitano: https://remitano.com

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