Changelly and WINGS Foundation Partner to Provide Seamless Multi-Currency Support for Blockchain Crowdfunding

Changelly and WINGS Foundation Partner to Provide Seamless Multi-Currency Support for Blockchain Crowdfunding

Projects using WINGS, a next-generation crowdfunding platform, can take advantage of Changelly’s service to accept all currencies for their crowdfunding.

WINGS (, a next generation decentralized crowdfunding platform built to create, evaluate, fund and manage projects using blockchain and smart contracts, today announced a technology partnership with Changelly (, the fast-growing cryptocurrency instant exchange service. Changelly and WINGS will coordinate to ensure that projects crowdfunding with WINGS can allow supporters to easily fund using any crypto-currencies along with national fiat money converted into Bitcoin, and to ensure integration with smart contracts systems used by WINGS enabled projects.

WINGS combines decentralized decision-making using forecast markets for filtering out low-quality projects, valuing projects and project milestone risk assessment, while making all of this easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone via popular IM systems such as Telegram. With WINGS projects are first vetted and valued by a global community before moving to the crowdfunding stage; all received project funds are kept in smart contract enforced escrows while supports have the ability to get involved in project governance.

Changelly provides widgets and API for digital wallets, e-commerce, casinos and other businesses to easily accept any type of cryptocurrency as well as convert national fiat money into cryptocurrencies. Started by the team at MinerGate, one of the oldest mining pool, they understand the needs of the evolving blockchain ecosystem.

“We are very excited to work with WINGS and enable the next generation of crowdfunding on the Bitcoin blockchain.” said Konstantin Gladych , CEO of Changelly.

“Changelly will offer WINGS enabled projects and project supporters a simple and fast way to convert cryptocurrencies and national fiat money into Bitcoin for funding new projects.”

“We’re pleased to have Changelly work with WINGS Foundation to bring ease of use to users of the WINGS platform,” said Stas Oskin, WINGS Core Developer.

“One of the challenges for crowdfunding with Bitcoin is how to let holders of alternative currencies participate easily- Changelly solves this problem for WINGS users.”

The WINGS Foundation has raised 1678 BTC to date from over 1000 supporters to take project evaluation, funding and management to the next generation; join at

About Changelly

Changelly is a multi-currency exchange service, created by the MinerGate team, one of the oldest mining pool on the market. The Changelly team has one of the longest track records in the industry and provides solutions for the last mile problems of crypto exchanges. Changelly provides an instant exchange API and widgets to accept altcoins and fiat money for the official NEM/XEM wallet, NAVcoin, FreeWallet, DECENT, CoinMarketCap and others.

For more information about Changelly, please visit:

About WINGS Foundation

WINGS Foundation is based in Switzerland and comprised of a decentralized team of blockchain professionals aiming to bring blockchain-enabled projects to the mainstream. WINGS makes DAO technology accessible to entrepreneurs and companies who are looking to leverage the global reach of bitcoin and other blockchains for project funding, the power of swarm intelligence powered forecast markets for higher quality decision-making, the versatility of smart contracts for a global decentralized agreement framework, and the ease of use of the instant messengers for audience reach. For more information, visit the WINGS website at

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