Crypto Calamity: Ethereum, Bitcoin Prices Sink as Market Plunges Below $80 Billion

Crypto Calamity: Ethereum, Bitcoin Prices Sink as Market Plunges Below $80 Billion

The market downturn picked up speed on Tuesday, as the total cryptocurrency market cap plunged to its lowest point since May. There has since been a slight recovery, although all of the major coins still post 24-hour losses. On Monday, the total cryptocurrency market cap fell below $90 billion for the first time in July. This market cap evaporation continued on Tuesday, as the total value of all cryptocurrencies plunged as low as $77 billion, a number we have not seen since late May. At present, the market cap is $84 billion. Bitcoin Price Drops Below $2,400. As eToro wrote yesterday,....

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Bitcoin Manages to Evade the Crypto Market Crash

Bitcoin managed to escape much of the downward drift that has afflicted most cryptocurrencies today. In the most recent 24-hour period, bitcoin’s price fell 2.82 percentage points to $2,367, according to   Only 10th ranked BitConnect, with $387.854 in market capitalization, fared better than bitcoin in the 24-hour period, only dropping 0.57 points. Ethereum, by contrast, lost 10.2 points and continues its downward trend. Ripple, the number three cryptocurrency, lost 14.3 points. Bitcoin Extends Market Dominance. Bitcoin, with a market cap of $38.829....

Ethereum Market Cap Reaches One Billion US Dollars

12 March 2016 – Ethereum hit a major milestone early this morning, reaching a market cap of 1 Billion US Dollars at around 3:15am GMT. Ethereum has enjoyed explosive growth since announcement of the “Homestead” beta phase of development, with a 22% jump in active nodes in a single day, and steady growth since. Ethereum has been the second most traded Cryptocurrency for over a month, but reaching this critical milestone puts Ethereum at a not insignificant percentage of Bitcoin, which holds the highest Market Capitalization at 6.3 Billion.

OneString Modular Miner Review: Excellent Power Sipping Performance

I was able to get a sample of the new OneString modular miner. The specs are very good especially when you take power consumption into account. Here are the official specs posted by Ben Turas on BitcoinTalk, whom I interviewed for this review. OneStringMiner board: The OneString Miner boards are designed by Intron and C-scape, two well-known Bitcoin mining board designers. The OSM is based on Bitfury chips, and each board contains 15 chips, hashing 25+ GH/s without heat sink and 30+ GH/s with heat sink. Each board runs from a single 12V supply, using ~25W. The models: The OSM DIY sets,....

Ethereum – A week of Turbulence

Ethereum has had a turbulent week as the price has shot up over the 0.006 BTC per Ether on strong volume pushing 35,000 BTC in a 24 hr period – twice. This has led to some quarters naming the price move as pump and dump, but is there something more fundamental taking place? News flow has always been the catalyst behind the bitcoin price surges and plunges – and Ethereum is and will be no exception to this rule. Although there hasn’t been huge news generated to spur on this price hike – so where is the price push coming from that managed to push Ethereum into the....

Litecoin Market in Chaos as Bitcoin Continues to Sink

As bearish continuations continue to plague the Bitcoin trading market, other cryptocurrencies are also facing the wrath of such pessimism. For over a week, each and every top altcoin (except the centralized ones like Stellar and Ripple) have come closer to their respective price bottoms. However, our focus here is on Litecoin, the second-most traded cryptocurrency in the world. Being the closest cryptocurrency to Bitcoin has its perks, and troubles. Litecoin is among the only altcoins in the market whose price movements display a strong identicalness to Bitcoin. This pattern somewhat....


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