10 Steps to a Better Bitcoin Wallet

10 Steps to a Better Bitcoin Wallet

A very common question from new and current bitcoin owners alike is “What bitcoin wallet is best?” The answers to this are as varied as the needs and functionality desired of each user. One size does not fit all, and this article will cover the necessary steps that need to be considered when creating and maintaining a bitcoin wallet. Start with the basics. Do you want to use a popular online wallet like Blockchain.info, which controls your private keys? This increases the potential for you to fall prey to a mass hacker. More people use Blockchain.info than any other wallet, with millions....

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Hive Wallet is Looking for New Developers

Hive, the creators of an open-source wallet for Mac OS X, are looking for developers to contribute to the company's expansion. Earlier this year, Hive announced that Hive for Android will be available in late spring, 2014. iOS support is out of the question due to their decision to remove Bitcoin wallets from the app store. With the release of their original OS X wallet, many have asked about a possible Windows or Linux wallet. Wendell Davis, the self-proclaimed "pseudo-CEO" of Hive, has stated that a Windows or Linux wallet will never come to existence "unless an exceptional developer....

Bitcoin Wallet Security Best Practice

Knowing how to secure your bitcoins is no longer optional. Bitcoin wallets are fast becoming online criminals' favourite obesession, whether online, at exchanges, on your PC or your mobile. Dell SecureWorks researchers estimate that over 140 malware applications exist that specifically target bitcoin wallets. Protecting your wallet against these threats requires only a handful of cautionary steps. The following guide outlines the security vulnerabilities and provides the essential know-how and preventative actions every Bitcoin wallet owner should routinely practice. What Bitcoin Thieves....

Education with a Sexy Wallet: An Interview with Pheeva’s Lamar Wilson

Lamar Wilson has made exciting steps in cryptocurrency so far. His passion for Bitcoin education and business development led him to create 212ths, in addition to Love Will LLC, which creates apps for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. Most recently, he created the Pheeva Hot Bitcoin wallet, which has seen considerable praise from the Bitcoin community. Lamar is keen to spread the word about Bitcoin constantly and we caught up with him to find out how his projects are developing. CT: What inspired you to move into developing crypto-currency tools like the Pheeva wallet?

Counterparty is First Bitcoin 2.0 Platform to Offer Armory Offline Wallet Support

It's a common theme in conversation that Bitcoin has not yet reached its true, unlocked potential. There's no question that the developed protocol is at the brink of human technological advancement, but there are still more ways to utilize Bitcoin and move forward. Counterparty is one of those steps forward into Bitcoin 2.0. It's a person-to-person decentralized exchange that allows users the ability to create their own tokens for bitcoins and Counterparty currency (XCP). Now, Counterparty users can produce unsigned transactions that can be signed by an Armory offline wallet, making it the....

CryptoStandard SSI Bitcoin Storage Software Hides Wallets in Plain Sight

The new CryptoStandard SSI Bitcoin Storage software cryptographically stores Bitcoin wallets inside images. If you are a cryptographer or an avid reader of spy fiction, then you would know that data can be embedded into an image and transmitted across the internet without raising suspicions. But here, we are focusing on the security of Bitcoin wallets and effective ways of protecting the private keys and passwords. One of the members on BitcoinTalk, Wisdom Oparaocha who goes by the screen name NyeFe has published a new open source security standard for securing Bitcoin cold wallets. The....


Bitcoin looks like it was designed as a weapon intended to damage central banking and money issuing banks, with a Libertarian political agenda in mind—to damage states ability to collect tax and monitor their citizen’s financial transactions.

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