The Bitcoin Price Index Needs Some Serious Fixing

The Bitcoin Price Index Needs Some Serious Fixing has officially announced its launch in a move to improve the way Bitcoin’s price is determined. With the explosion of interest in Bitcoin over the last 24 months, keywords, trademarks and domain names around bitcoin have become somewhat of a commodity. Techemy Ltd, a NZ based start-up, has secured a key domain name in the Bitcoin space: “After having spent 11 months building a stable price index (BNC Price-Index via, we wanted to offer the world a clean website with a solid domain name for 1 reason: Accurate Price-Discovery (and related tools).”

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WinkDex Bitcoin Price Index Launches Developer API

The article has been updated with comment from Cameron Winklevoss. WinkDex, the bitcoin price index created by bitcoin investors and entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has launched a new API for developers. As first reported by Fortune, the WinkDex API was made available today. The API page on the index's website outlines key information, as well as suggestions for application development. Cameron Winklevoss told Fortune that the benefit of the API release would help both the index itself, as well as the broader bitcoin community, saying: "We've spent a lot of time trying to build....

Winklevoss Bitcoin Index, The WinkDex, Opens up API to Developers

The Winklevoss Twins, Cameron and Tyler, are hoping to make a splash with their newly-launched Bitcoin Price Index, aptly named the WinkDex. According to a Fortune exclusive, the twins - beginning today - will be opening up their Index's API (application programming interface) to developers, which will allow said developers to build atop the Index with their own programs. "We've spent a lot of time trying to build a really cool tool," said Cameron Winklevoss to Fortune. "Obviously the index will be big for us because it will be used to price any future ETF. But we also wanted to build on....

Exclusive Q&A with BraveNewCoin: Home of Crypto

BraveNewCoin is a cryptocurrency marketplace, but it goes deeper than that. For example, take a look at their price index: BraveNewCoin categorises cryptocurrencies into three main index groups; the BNC Index, BNC 2.0 and BNC Sovereign. Each is separately selectable for the BNC coin ranking table. But they go further than that, providing useful and relevant information such as Market Weighted Averages, Price Conversions, Fiat Exchange Rates, and Currency Conversion tools.

Winklevoss Twins Launch 'Winkdex,' A Blended Bitcoin Price Index

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are at it again. The twins, both huge advocates of bitcoin, have launched the Winklevoss Index, otherwise known as the 'Winkdex'. Yes, that's really what it's called. It's a blended price index that aims to "reflect the true price of bitcoin", but also to serve as the official index used to value the bitcoins in the brothers' yet-to-be-approved ETF (exchange-traded fund). Winkdex is calculated by blending the trading prices in U. S. dollars for the top three (by volume) qualified Bitcoin Exchanges* during the previous two hour period using a volume-weighted....

NYSE to Introduce New Bitcoin Price Index

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is reportedly planning to introduce a special global price index to value Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency-cum-technology. As reported by Mashable, the world's largest stock exchange is in the process to launch the Bitcoin price index through its Global Index Feed. It is further planning to make the index available free on its website, though for a limited time. The news website also managed to obtain a quote from the NYSE's President, Mr. Tom Farley, who confirmed their plans to launch the Bitcoin index. "We are now going to use our name,....


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