Largest M&A Deal In Bitcoin Industry – Kraken Acquires Coinsetter and Cavirtex

Largest M&A Deal In Bitcoin Industry – Kraken Acquires Coinsetter and Cavirtex

One of the world’s major Bitcoin exchanges Kraken has just announced today the largest M&A deal in Bitcoin industry and acuired two of the oldest BTC exchanges - Coinsetter and Cavirtex. Kraken is now officially coming to North America. According to the official press release: Coinsetter was founded in 2012 and became one of America’s most prominent national bitcoin exchanges, while Cavirtex is the oldest bitcoin exchange in Canada since 2011. “Kraken will fully absorb both Coinsetter and Cavirtex brands in the acquisition. Client accounts of both exchanges will be automatically....

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Kraken Buys Coinsetter and Cavirtex, Enters the US & Canadian Markets

In a significant announcement today, the largest ever deal of its kind in the Bitcoin industry saw leading European bitcoin exchange Kraken acquire bitcoin exchanges Coinsetter and CaVirtEx. In a statement today, Kraken announced it is acquiring New York-based exchange Coinsetter and Canada’s first bitcoin exchange CaVirtEx. The world’s largest bitcoin exchange will fully absorb both exchanges to expand its scope with “an immediate and significant expansion into the North American market,” the statement read. The undisclosed deal will see Kraken enter the United....

Kraken Snatches Two Competitor Exchanges, Expands to North America

The San Francisco-based Bitcoin exchange Kraken has just announced the largest and merger and acquisition deal in Bitcoin exchange history as it has officially acquired major U.S. exchanges Coinsetter and Cavirtex. Kraken will now expand its business operations to the United States and Canada. The digital currency exchange Kraken has quite the lion’s share of euro volume and liquidity within its marketplace operations. Now with the combination of these two services Coinsetter from New York and Cavirtex from Canada the company will absorb both of these companies’ customer base.

Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Acquires Coinsetter, Launches US Trading

Bitcoin exchange Kraken has announced it has purchased Coinsetter in what amounts to one of the larger mergers of notable brands in the bitcoin ecosystem. As a result of the undisclosed deal, Kraken’s exchange will now be available in 37 US states as well as all 10 Canadian provinces. Coinsetter had previously acquired Canadian bitcoin exchange CAVirtex in April, months after it would close citing security concerns. The sale of New York-based Coinsetter, rumored for months, follows an influx of new and well-capitalized entrants in the US bitcoin exchange market, which has....

Coinsetter Takes Possession of Canadian Bitcoin Exchange CAVIRTEX

New York based global Bitcoin exchange Coinsetter recently assumed the possession of CAVIRTEX, another Bitcoin exchange from Toronto that ceased business operations earlier this year. The acquisition marked one of the first major consolidationa between two big companies in the ever-growing digital currency space. It particularly came as good news for CAVIRTEX customers who will now be able to resume their trading operations on one of the most reliable Bitcoin exchanges Canada has ever seen. Coinsetter's New Role in Canadian Bitcoin Market. The details of the deal between Coinsetter and....

Canadian Bitcoin Exchange Cavirtex to Reopen Following Coinsetter Acquisition

Top Canadian bitcoin exchange Cavirtex is expected to resume trading following its acquisition by New York platform Coinsetter. The news comes after Cavirtex announced it was planning to shut down operations in March following a breach that compromised security information including password hashes the previous month. Jaron Lukasiewicz, now CEO of both Coinsetter and Cavirtex, said measures had been taken to remove the possibility of an event like this happening again. He added: "No customers have been financially affected by a compromise ... We feel strongly about our ability to protect....


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