GAWMiners Launches GAW Loyalty Rewards and Refer-a-Friend Programs

GAWMiners Launches GAW Loyalty Rewards and Refer-a-Friend Programs

GAWMiners launched two programs in a unified system to reward customers: The GAW Loyalty Rewards program and Refer-a-Friend program. The programs are available immediately and can be accessed by simply logging into the GAWMiners website with an existing login or by creating a new one. All new and existing accounts receive 1000 points to start.

The GAW Loyalty Rewards program earns customers 10 rewards points for every dollar they spend. Points are redeemable for store credit - up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Points may be redeemed as soon as the user hits a goal or they can be saved up to reach a larger goal and a bigger credit.

The Refer-a-Friend program allows customers to send a referral link to their friends and other people which will provide a coupon when the referred user visits the site (currently $20 off a $200 or more purchase). For every referral, the referrer earns 5000 points (equivalent of a $500 order) which are combined with any other points earned in the Loyalty Rewards program.

"Many of our customers have been asking for a way to earn miners or equipment for referring their friends and we think this is a great system where everyone wins," said Josh Garza, CEO. "We also wanted to thank our return customers for staying onboard with us through the good and bad times! It's something we don't take for granted and this is our way of showing our appreciation."


GAWMiners provides Bitcoin and Scrypt Mining Hardware at low prices with free same-day shipping. As an additional option, they also offer free hosting & electricity at their server locations. They're customer services are unbeatable in the crypto mining industry with live 24/7 phone and tech support.

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