Lucrazon Global - Offers eStores to Create Fully Integrated e-Commerce Systems

Lucrazon Global - Offers eStores to Create Fully Integrated e-Commerce Systems

Lucrazon Global is proud to offer eStores with pre-loaded inventories to the ambitious entrepreneurs who want to start their own online business. The fully integrated e-commerce platform allows customers to create and customize beautiful websites for their businesses, complete with inventory, shopping cart, merchant services, marketing tools, and much more, in record time.

To create a basic e-store, an option that is often selected by businesses with an inventory on hand, customers are simply asked to choose a theme, add their inventory, wait for an approved Merchant Account -- and they are ready to start selling. Stores hosted by Lucrazon Global accept all major credit cards, PayPal payments, and cryptocurrencies. eStore owners have full control over their site, which allows them to update content and view sales reports any time, without the need for a web developer.

Lucrazon Global CEO Alex Pitt explains why the eStores are especially beneficial for small business owners: "Our system can help clients that don't have their own IT department save thousands of dollars a year while getting multiple streams of income." For budding entrepreneurs who have always wanted a chance to start an eStore, this is an excellent opportunity to finally get off the mark. "Clients will own and run real-time online businesses, own e-commerce store builders, and gain access to complete e-commerce solutions to drive growth," elaborates Pitt, who has extensive experience developing payment gateways, electronic gift card platforms, specialized reporting systems, and fully integrated e-commerce platforms.

The product comprises five key features: website and shopping cart development, product inventory, marketing & optimization, merchant services, and brand partner business, each with its own benefits. eStore owners can retain 100% of all generated profits, by selecting their e-store's products from the pre-populated inventory of over 15,000 different Brand Name items including Kiss My Face and Numi, while a Lucrazon Fulfillment House takes care of all inventory handling and shipping. Lucrazon Global created the simplified e-commerce solutions with small business owners in mind, such as website designers, insurance and financial services providers, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and service professionals, who now can set up a profit-generating website in record time.

"With the new and innovative technology, Lucrazon Global has the capability to pay commissions next day to all Brand Partners globally via Bitcoin Cryptocurrency," says Pitt.

Other advantages include distributor retention, reduced chargeback liability, expanded online distribution channels, and updated product inventory.

Lucrazon Global

Established in 2013, Lucrazon Global has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the e-commerce industry, consistently delivering results to clients' global businesses. The fully integrated patent-pending e-commerce platform allows business owners to expand their markets by providing them with a complete solution to create their customized eStores. When combined with Lucrazon Global's innovative services, including Credit Card Processing, specially designed Shopping Carts, and Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the platform offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency for eRetailers.

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