Lucrazon Global Releases Complete e-Commerce Solution for Health-Wellness and Fitness Industries

Lucrazon Global Releases Complete e-Commerce Solution for Health-Wellness and Fitness Industries

Lucrazon Global has announced the launch of a complete solution within their fully integrated e-commerce platform, designed for motivated individuals seeking to become business owners. For a simple setup fee, Lucrazon Global allows entrepreneurs to start an online retail business, process payment transactions, and helps merchants by integrating cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

The company supplies a preselected inventory of more than 15,000+ of natural and organic supplements, vitamins, sport nutrition, green living and other wellness lifestyle products (see more at: With this low-risk revenue generating solution, there is no drop-ship fee, no minimum order, and with the new system, e-store owners no longer have to deal with credit card fraud and chargeback liabilities.

"The health and wellness industry accounts for more than $1 trillion in sales worldwide," said Alex Pitt, CEO and founder of Lucrazon Global. "We provide a great opportunity for business owners seeking to capitalize on this robust market. Our pre-selected inventory products are offered at 40% off manufacturers' suggested retail prices, giving customers an extensive selection to choose from while granting e-commerce business owners profit on every item sold."

Lucrazon Global's brand portfolio includes such top-selling products as Nature's Way supplements and KIND snack bars, known and beloved for their health benefits and great taste. The company operates with simple drop-shipping fulfillment and processes payment with Bitcoins and all major credit cards through PayPal, Braintree. The company's inventory platform enables e-commerce operators to keep their business running 24/7, 365 days a year. The patented sales system is the only all-inclusive solution that allows providers to include a customizable website, merchant services, payment processing, and SEO/marketing tools. The system automatically updates all distributor e-stores with inventory images, descriptions, and pricing information to reduce the backend drudgery of retail operations. And thanks to a robust coupon and sales component, storeowners always have fresh items on sale without reducing their gross margins. New products are added continually from a variety of organic and nutritional product manufacturers, and sales are credited to the owners' bank account.

As a fully integrated e-commerce platform, Lucrazon Global can offer e-commerce retailers the invaluable advantage to set up their e-store with acceptance of Bitcoins and credit card payments within minutes rather than weeks, as is typical for most startups. The company has become a leader in e-commerce solutions by working closely with suppliers, manufacturers, and fulfillment centers making it simple for anyone to become an online business professional. Visit for more information.

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