Medical Support Products Now Accepting Bitcoin

Medical Support Products Now Accepting Bitcoin

At Medical Support Products we expect Bitcoin and other Cryto-Currencies to continue to rapidly grow in popularity over time.

Medical Support Products has announced that they are now accepting Bitcoin for purchases of medical equipment and supplies. Medical Support Products is one of the top medical respiratory equipment companies in the U.S., providing sales, rental and service.

They are currently accepting Bitcoin through the online checkout process at and for phone orders at 1-800-226-3783.

Medical Support Products expects Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies to continue to rapidly grow in popularity. The decision to accept Bitcoin, keeps Medical Support Products ahead of the curve of payment technology.

There are several compelling reasons Medical Support Products is now accepting Bitcoin. It gives customers access to the easiest and fastest payment method currently available. Transacting in Bitcoin also has lower fees than other payment methods. Bitcoin is perfect for international customers that want to place an order, but have no access to traditional payment methods. With Bitcoin, orders that would normally be refused due to higher risk of chargebacks can now be accepted.

Bitcoin offers customers some very important features. It is easy to use, fast and secure. The Bitcoin protocol is considered by many experts to be the most secure payment network ever created.

Medical Support Products has partnered with BitPay to process Bitcoin transactions quickly and easily through their online store. Bitcoin can be chosen from the list of payment options in the checkout process at

If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin, visit

Medical Support Products, Inc.

Medical Support Products, Inc. is the first major medical equipment dealer to accept bitcoin and has been in business for 25 Years.

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