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BitStarsis an all in one Bitcoin Casino site with several different games. BitStars offers anything from slots to live Blackjack. The online casino is powered by Bitcoin and even has games for mobile users. For anyone looking to take a chance to win big, Bitstars is a great place to start.

I interviewed The head of Casino operations at Bitstars about the company and some of the features they offer:

What is your name and designation at BitStars?

“Hi, I’m Nikolica Vadaski, Head of Casino Operations.”

What sets BitStars apart from other Bitcoin casino sites?

“Our casino brought in personnel that are equipped with heaps of experience in real money casinos which they are passing on to the bitcoin crowd, whilst offering licensed games in a secure environment.”

What kind of games do you have on the site?

“At BitStars we offer much more than the regular dice game. Our customers can choose between video slots and card games on the virtual felt, but also try our newly launched Live Casino. Players can interact with a dealer while being dealt real cards on Black Jack or they can even enjoy the likes of a real roulette spinning.”

What future plans do you have for BitStars?

“We are planning to bring in an extended range of unique casino games for a bigger selection of what we offer. This way we will be catering for every kind of player so they can enjoy a better time with us.” 

The unique Live dealing games allow players to see the physical cards they are being dealt and gives a ‘Las Vegas’ feel to the site. The wide array of games and themes makes BitStars a premium casino site for Bitcoin. BitStars currently has a promotion where they will double initial deposits up to .3 BTC. This gives players more Bitcoin to play with up for the first three deposits made.

In addition to various slot machine themes, BitStars also offers a variety of card games from Blackjack to Poker.

The welcome bonus is a great way to get started if you have any interest in playing on BitStars, the larger your initial deposit, the larger your bonus. The Bitcoin bonus is credited to your account after signing up and making the first deposit. This bonus is to be used for gameplay. The mobile capabilities of the Casino are quite impressive and offer multiple games for phones and tablets. While the mobile version does not have all of the games on the site, it offers a good variety for the player. With BitStars Casino, you have a chance to win big in slots, Blackjack, Poker, and more! The wide array of games and a generous welcome bonus makes BitStars Casino a great choice for people looking to spend their Bitcoin on gaming with the chance of winning big and making a huge profit. Please be sure gambling with Bitcoin is legal in your area before making a deposit or playing on the site.

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