Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Celebrates As One Of The First Long Term Alternative Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Celebrates As One Of The First Long Term Alternative Cryptocurrencies

With savings plans and several innovative initiatives long term cryptocurrency DNotes continues to celebrate progress made in 2014 with scheduled roll-outs of many more Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CR.I.S.P) using newly launched DNotesVault.

Established US based cryptocurrency DNotes has had a productive year in the cryptocurrency space with a number of unique forward thinking projects. Led by co-founder, and early tech entrepreneur Alan Yong – with over 3 decades of experience in IT and the personal computer industry.

DNotes released several large scale projects in 2014, including the DNotes cryptocurrency itself, DNotes web wallet and long term coin storage platform DNotesVault with a 100% deposit guarantee, and cryptocurrency neutral platform CryptoMoms – dedicated to aiding women’s participation in cryptocurrencies. CR.I.S.P for kids – the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans for Children was also released. DNotes is the first cryptocurrency to offer long term self-directed and unstructured digital currency savings plans. Additional digital currency savings plans, scheduled for roll-out over the next six months will be available for students, company employees, charities and anyone interested to supplement their retirement savings with DNotes.

DNotes is an open source decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was launched in early 2014. Since launch DNotes has been credited as one of the industry’s most stable digital currencies among over 500 coins listed on CoinMarketcap. There are currently seven mining pools for those who wish to mine DNotes and several reputable cryptocurrency exchanges for trading including PoloniEx, AllCoin, C-Cex and Comkort. The DNotes’ homepage offers plenty of language options and downloads are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

DNotes launched web wallet with an unprecedented 100% deposit guarantee free of charge for all DNotes stakeholders. DNotesVault is a strategic instrument to stimulate the long term holding of DNotes. It offers a secure saving alternative that enables anyone worldwide to participate in saving cryptocurrency safely. It is easier to set up than a bank account and guarantees 100% of your deposit through a separate fully transparent cold storage account, secured in a different location, with an amount always in excess of the total deposit. The guaranteed funds can be verified at any time via the blockchain. Registering on DNotesVault is an effortless process. The user just enters an email address and password, agrees to the clearly stated terms and conditions and clicks submit. DNotesVault is also the first step in setting up DNotes long term saving plans which are a true rarity in the cryptocurrency space.

CryptoMoms is cryptocurrency neutral and a truly helpful platform dedicated to support, encourage and further the adoption of cryptocurrencies amongst women; as the cryptocurrency space is for the most part dominated by men. The website gives an excellent introduction to cryptocurrencies; how to store them, how to obtain cryptocurrencies, and everything needed to get started in the exciting emerging technology of crypto and digital currencies. CryptoMoms is community driven and has a forum enabling women and men from all over the world to connect, and seek or offer cryptocurrency advice in a welcoming environment.

As a part of DNotes’ plan for stable and long term adoption, the currency launched the first in a series no fees Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CR.I.S.P) during 2014. CR.I.S.P for children is a high reward program that can be initiated with a small investment. The DNotes team will award prizes in DNotes for the top wallets on the list, as well as some randomly chosen participants. DNotes’ savings plans share the same 100% deposit guarantee as any other DNotesVault account. Setting up a saving plan for one or more children is an effortless process. The first step is to register using the DNotesVault account dashboard, make a DNotes deposit address for each child, choose nicknames and go to to create an account. For a more detailed instructions please visit

Future Plans include expanding the CR.I.S.P. Family program to similar forward thinking and long term plans for students, retirees, charities and employees, providing a savings alternative with high potential long term returns. Spectators, DNotes adopters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can expect another year with uniquely long term and progressive contributions to the digital currency ecosystem from DNotes.

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