12charge.com Launches Worldwide Mobile Recharge With Bitcoin, Utility Bills Payments With Cryptocurrency, And More

12charge.com Launches Worldwide Mobile Recharge With Bitcoin, Utility Bills Payments With Cryptocurrency, And More

12charge.com launches worldwide mobile recharge, utility bills payment, TV, Internet, Skype and more; aiming to “charge everything” with Bitcoin and other options, in just a few clicks.

Accepting Cryptos

Hong-Kong based company Sam Sien Trading Ltd recently launched startup 12charge.com. This global online recharge service allows users from 110+ countries to top up their mobile phones or buy airtime from over 450 providers and to pay utility bills, loans, TV, internet and other services in some of these countries with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and other payment methods. Besides topping up cell phones and paying for utility bills, 12charge allows to recharge a variety of global services like IP telephony (VoIP) including Skype, travel sim cards top up, as well as to purchase game currency in a number of online games, fund social networks accounts and more.

Anton Vereshchagin, founder and CEO of Sam Sien Trading, company running 12charge website says:

“We are proud to present our users all around the world the possibility to recharge mobile phones virtually everywhere and to pay online for a number of other expenses. 12charge is not just a typical “recharge website” – a lot of services are available to our users; and we are working hard to add support of each and every existing carrier, and to make it possible to pay online for utility bills, TV/internet, etc. worldwide! Our aim is to “charge everything” that can be recharged. Besides that, we are focused on ease of using the service (we have handy options like payment reminders, favorites, etc.) and on increasing the number of payment options available. We accept credit/debit cards, PayPal and other e-wallets, online bank transfers and – most exclusive options – bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin are already supported; and this is just the beginning!”.

Available For Everyone

The services of 12charge.com are targeted to many groups of clients. Besides frequent travelers, expats working/studying abroad, international businesses, freelancers/webmasters and e-business owners/workers receiving salary in electronic payment systems – everyone preferring to top up mobile and pay for other services online will find this website extremely useful. The process of recharge is very easy, taking no more than a couple of minutes and does not require registration. Although, registered users have access to all features like reminders, repeated payments, managing lists of phone numbers/contracts details, et cetera.

“Besides increasing the number of supported providers , our mission is to provide our clients a possibility to pay using virtually any existing online payment system with a reasonable fee. It’s a real challenge, and currently there are countries and services we can’t support yet; but we are working very hard to create our dream top up service. In some countries – USA, Russia and a few others we have already managed to provide services with 0% fees. Now we are looking forward to increase a number of such countries!”

– Sergey Karpovich, the project manager of 12charge explains. –

“We especially welcome users from the bitcoin and altcoin communities. Thanks to lowest processing fees, our rates are the best when you are paying using cryptocurrencies!”.

12charge, as well as the carriers, has special offers and promos almost every day (for example, special “X2 top ups days”, when recharge amounts are doubled for specific countries/operators). Detailed information is available at the website and 12charge’s social networks accounts.

To learn more please go to: http://12charge.com/

Twitter: @12charge

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