Last Places at London HackCoin Hackathon Event Available

Last Places at London HackCoin Hackathon Event Available

HackCoin has a few places left in its hackathon event taking place at the Barclays Accelerator in Notting Hill, London, on Friday 24th July.

The theme of the of the event is “Identity and the blockchain”.

"This is one of the most complex issues in the blockchain sphere at the moment so we look forward to seeing innovative and feasible solutions for this problem. We invite all coders, entrepreneurs and observers to sign up and take part" said Ajit Nayar from HackCoin.

Paul Ferris, speaking about a previous HackCoin event stated that it was a

“well thought through and effective in bringing together real life business cases”. He went on to further state that “the support and knowledge in the room made sure that ideas could be achieved”.

The technology platform will be provided by Eris Industries in collaboration with NXT. Participants are invited to test these platforms throughout the day starting at 10.00 and finishing at 18.00.

Updates on the event will be posted on Hackcoin's Twitter @Hackc0in. For more information, visit the HackCoin website or sign up directly via the Eventbrite page.

About HackCoin

The aim of HackCoin is to catalyse investment into the digital currency startup community during the Hackathon event and beyond. Prizes are focused on helping to fund ideas.


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