Emercoin – The cryptocurrency for banking implementation

Emercoin – The cryptocurrency for banking implementation

The Emercoin group has announced a set of blockchain features which were designed specifically for the banking sector.

Emercoin is leading the industry in true blockchain innovation, offering a rich set of robust features which are designed for use within the banking sector. These features have been designed to help facilitate the secure trade and operations of digital property. Many of the features in Emercoin bring enterprise-level solutions for security, administration and commerce.

E.g. DPO (Digital Proof of Ownership) is a mechanism which excludes the possibility of fraud in payments, allowing simultaneous transfer (with alienation) of any type of digital assets.

This now allows for the setup of electronic trades and auctions without the need of third-party escrow services.

In addition to its main function – transfer of digital banknotes, Emercoin offers a unique set of blockchain services for secure management of digital property:

Solid protected core – extended scripts are permitted to be executed outside, by an external interpreter, e.g.  Java, Lua, Python etc.

DPO (Digital Proof of Ownership) – support for transfer and alienation of digital assets of any type.

UDS (Unquestioned Digital Signature).

Secure passwordless SSL and SSH authorization ensures trouble-free and safe administration of networks of banks or any other distributed financial structures. SSL-based electronic cards allow management of customer databases. Embedded service to use blind signatures to sign anonymous transactions. TTS – embedded feature of Trusted Time Stamping (with 10 minute accuracy)

These innovative services make Emercoin the industry leader as a distributed platform for the banking sector.

The Emercoin Development Group

The Emercoin Development Group was founded at the end of 2012, the core team is truly international and consists of 7 members from almost all mainlands (USA, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Canada, Australia). The official start of the Emercoin project was in Dec 11, 2013.

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