Emercoin To Launch Blockchain R&D Lab

Emercoin To Launch Blockchain R&D Lab

The Emercoin Group has begun the process of launching its research and development laboratory for blockchain technology.

Emercoin, a leading digital currency and blockchain platform has begun the process of launching its R&D lab for blockchain technology. The focus of the laboratory is multi-faceted and its creation serves as the next step in the evolution of the top blockchain in the World for business and personal use.

The lab will open later this year to facilitate the further development and monetization of Emercoin’s existing blockchain services as well as the creation of many new synergizing technologies. This will also open the door to outside investment, new partnerships, satellite offices and global talent acquisition. Several key projects are already lined up in Emercoin’s development staging area and will began kick-off upon the official launch of the lab. There are many exciting areas that are now ready for positive disruption in the form of blockchain implementation and Emercoin is positioned to be the global leader in these sectors. Allowing others in the industry to develop robust applications and services on the Emercoin blockchain is one of the long term goals of the lab.

The Emercoin Group believes these changes will allow for the continual growth in the company, the underlying currency (EMC) and most importantly the thriving eco-system that is taking form on the Emercoin blockchain. With interest and consumer adoption of the currency increasing, Emercoin is poised to become a world leader in distributed technology solutions.

For more information on Emercoin please visit: http://emercoin.com/

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