Diginomics Releases Premium Bitcoin Economics Course

Diginomics Releases Premium Bitcoin Economics Course

Course Registration Available Now For $100.

Diginomics has announced the release of its premium Bitcoin Economics Course for business finance professionals and digital money researchers. Featuring individual video and written lessons, the 3-module instruction provides a high-level understanding of the technical and economic foundations of the bitcoin payment system. With a total material length of 5 - 8 hours, the Bitcoin Economics Course allows students to proceed at their own pace with personalized consulting from course instructors.

Travis Patron, the leading course instructor and noted author of The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet of Money, had this to say on the release of the Bitcoin Economics Course:

"We're seeing a second wave of adoption in the bitcoin industry that is characterized by institutional trading and large to mid-sized North American banking firms taking bitcoin & blockchain technology very seriously. The Bitcoin Economics Course is designed to bring this second wave of enthusiasts up to speed on bitcoin in a way which is clear, actionable, and insightful."

The Bitcoin Economics Course is tailored specifically to digital money researchers, economists, government regulators, banking professionals, and technology investors.

Core concepts include the following areas:

 - The Blockchain & Proof-of-Work Cryptography
 - Bitcoin vs Gold & Fiat
 - Supply Curve Inelasticity of Bitcoin
 - Banking the Unbanked With Cryptocurrency
 - Algorithmic Regulation of Money Supply
 - Denationalization of Money
 - Bitcoin As a Global Reserve Instrument

Upon completion of the final examination, students will have the option to embed their course accreditation into the bitcoin blockchain.

Group discounts are available.

About Diginomics

Diginomics focuses on the economic implications of a totally digitized money supply and its subsequent effect on consumer behavior. Economic analysis on the megatrend of privitized money supplies challenging the role of regulators, central banking institutions, and national government's ability to conduct fiscal and monetary policy is a primary focus of Diginomics Corporation.

Please visit: https://diginomics.com/courses/bitcoin-economics/

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