Diginomics Announces Rootstock Programming Course

Diginomics Announces Rootstock Programming Course

Diginomics has announced the release of the Rootstock Programming Course for digital money professionals and smart contract developers.

The Rootstock Programming Course is designed to allow students to gain a deep understanding of the Rootstock network and how to program smart contracts in the shortest amount of time possible. No prior programming knowledge is required.

Programming tutorials cover the Solidity language which is loosely based on JavaScript. Course lessons follow a progression from absolute beginner to more advanced implementations of smart contracts built directly on the bitcoin network.

The information contained within the Rootstock Programming Course is of particular use to individuals seeking to understand the technical operation of the Rootstock network, implementing smart contracts into their business processes, and creating decentralized applications using our programming tutorials.

The course offers the following features:

- Course lessons delivered as video presentations and programming tutorials.
- Dedicated discussion channel where students can share questions and get support.
- Timed examination of core concepts at regular intervals throughout the course.
- Certified accreditation of completion to students who earn a passing grade on the final examination (70%). Accreditation is then embedded into the bitcoin blockchain where it serves as unforgeable proof of expertise.
- Opportunity to engage with bitcoin & blockchain industry firms who are actively hiring.
- Immediate access to all current and future course materials for as long as Rootstock technology remains relevant.

Travis Patron, the leading course instructor and noted author of The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet of Money, had this to say on the release of the Rootstock Programming Course:

"Rootstock is an exciting technology because it inherits many of the benefits of the original bitcoin blockchain by building ontop of it via cryptographic peg. This way of implementing a scripting language ontop of the bitcoin network could be the beginning of a flood of new applications enabled by blockchain technology.

We’re very excited to offer the first programming course on Rootstock technology.”

View the full course outline. Group discounts are available.

About Diginomics

Diginomics is a leading technology media organization dedicated to educating audiences on bitcoin and the digital economy.

The Rootstock Programming Course: https://diginomics.com/product/rootstock-programming/

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