Online Thief Steals Amazon Account to Mine Litecoins in the Cloud

Online Thief Steals Amazon Account to Mine Litecoins in the Cloud

Why bother installing CPU-mining malware on thousands of machines, when you can just break into someone's Amazon cloud computing account and create a well-managed datacentre instead? This week, a software developer discovered someone had done just that, and made off with a pile of litecoins on his dime. Melbourne-based programmer Luke Chadwick got a nasty shock after receiving an email from Amazon. The firm told him that his Amazon Key (a security credential used to log on to Amazon Web services) had been found on one of his Github repositories. Github repositories. Github is an online....

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Amazon Cloud Computing Account Hacked to Mine Litecoins

Some criminals are downright stupid. Yet others find clever and interesting ways to get what they want. Case in point: developer Luke Chadwick received an email from Amazon Cloud services noting that his Amazn Key (an authentication token) was found floating around Github - and that's when he logged into his account and viewed his usage. Lo and behold, Chadwick was presented with some, shall we say, shock-inducing statistics. Someone had broken into Chadwick's cloud computing account and used a whopping 1,427 instance hours on the EC2 platform. Doing what, exactly? While Chadwick had hoped....

Amazon Web Service Outage Shows Need for Decentralized Cloud Computing

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to fix a typo. The original text stated that there was a rise in errors for Amazon S2 requests. The corrected text states that it was Amazon S3. This morning, Amazon Web Services (AWS) underwent a major cloud outage, causing both its Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service solutions to receive many request errors in the United States. AWS is a cloud computing solutions provider ran by Amazon, a company most known for its large online retail network.

Amazon Awarded Bitcoin-Related Cloud Computing Patent

E-commerce giant Amazon has been awarded a bitcoin-related cloud computing patent that envisions the use of digital currencies as payment for cloud computing services on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon's cloud is by far the biggest remote computing service on the market. Market research firm Gartner estimates AWS annual revenue at upwards of $3bn, and it believes Amazon's cloud has five times the capacity of its next 14 rivals. The news follow's Amazon's public statements that suggest is not presently interested in accepting digital currencies, despite such suggestions from rivals like....

Amazon Wallet: A Threat to Bitcoin?

This is what Amazon Wallet looks like. Amazon isn't new to the digital payments industry. The online retailer launched Amazon Payments back in 2007, a service that directly competes with the likes of PayPal and Google Wallet. Then in December 2013, Amazon purchased GoPago, a mobile payments platform. Now, continuing the company's push into the digital payments sector, Amazon has launched Amazon Wallet. What Amazon Wallet Does, Or Rather, Doesn't Do. Amazon Wallet is...surprisingly basic. Designed for use at the point-of-sale, Amazon Wallet is essentially an Android app that stores gift....

Why Bitcoin Will Hurt eBay More Than Amazon

Amazon's distribution centers allow it to exist in a Bitcoin world. The disruptive nature of the Bitcoin technology is going to wreak havoc on many different online industries, and one area of disruption that needs to be talked about is online marketplaces. eBay and Amazon, at least in the United States, are the kings of the Internet when it comes to connecting a buyer to a seller. Sellers like these platforms because they can sell their products on a centralized database of goods, while buyers enjoy the fact that the centralized marketplace also acts as an escrow agent. If something goes....


BitCoin is actually an exploit against network complexity. Not financial networks, or computer networks, or social networks. Networks themselves.

Dan Kaminsky, American security researcher