One Millionth Bitcoin Wallet Created on

One Millionth Bitcoin Wallet Created on

Super-popular bitcoin block explorer and online wallet service today announced the creation of their one millionth wallet - an absolutely huge milestone in the website's history. The news comes just days following a newsBTC report indicating the milestone was near, so if that isn't proof the website is growing rapidly, we don't know what is. Back in late-October, announced that the 500,000th wallet had been created - and for the lucky person who did, well, they won a whopping 10 BTC. According to CoinDesk, it would appear another prize is in order for the....

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1 Millionth Bitcoin Wallet Created on has reached the biggest milestone in its history - it now boasts over a million wallets. A year ago it had fewer than 100,000 users and by late October the company announced that it had created 500,000 wallets, so it is evident that things are picking up. A representative told CoinDesk that the company plans to celebrate the latest milestone with some big prizes. Back in October, the lucky user who created the 500,000th wallet was rewarded with 10 BTC, so the stakes are high. Blockchain acknowledged that reaching the one million mark is a major....

16-Year-Old Wins 10 Bitcoins in Giveaway

Popular bitcoin wallet provider revealed via Twitter that Travis Wright, a 16-year-old and bitcoin entrepreneur from Duluth, Minnesota, has been named the grand prize winner of a contest to commemorate its 1 millionth user. announced the milestone on 7th January via its official blog, just two months after the wallet service passed 500,000 downloads. The service has seen more than 800% growth year-over-year: it had just over 110,000 registered users as of January 2013. The company told CoinDesk it received 13,192 entries to the contest, which was open to.... Now Has Over 1 Million Wallets

Blockchain is an online Bitcoin wallet service that started in 2013. With a little less than 100,000 users in its early days, Blockchain has seen massive growth in its user base with 500,000 wallets by October 2013 and now over one million wallets by January 2014. The online wallet company is very excited about the future of the service, stating, "The growth seen over the past year has happened during a pivotal time for bitcoin. Blockchain plans to build this milestone into an outreach opportunity for bitcoin newbies and enthusiasts." It's also likely that the 1 millionth user will be in....

Bitcoin Startup Blockchain Adds 10 Millionth Wallet

Wallet service Blockchain has registered its 10 millionth bitcoin wallet. Data shows that, as of today, 10,053,518 wallets have been created by users of the service. That’s 7m more than Blockchain reported in February of last year, a significant jump in the roughly 20 months since that time. The service reported just under 9.4m wallets late last month. Announcing the 10 millionth wallet on its blog, Blockchain cited factors such as the US presidential election, the devaluation of the Chinese yuan and the vote by the UK to leave the European Union as key drivers of interest in.... Surpasses 1.5 Million Web Wallets

The number of web wallet users on popular bitcoin site continues to climb. According to (who made this reddit post), over 1.5 million "My Wallet" accounts have established. Chart data on the site shows just under 1.5 million, but it has not yet been updated. If you recall in late October, Blockchain announced that 500,000 wallets had been created. Fast forward to January of 2014, and it was announced that a whopping one million wallets had been created. Recently, online bitcoin brokerage Coinbase surpassed one million wallets in late....


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