Dash Technical Analysis for 21/4/2015 - Oversold!

Dash Technical Analysis for 21/4/2015 - Oversold!

It seems there is no stopping Dash from digging deeper into the red. The cryptocurrency has sunk to a fresh 1-month low of 0.01163BTC as bulls refrain from entering the scene, extending the ruthless bear market that Dash has entered into. I advised in my yesterday's analysis that Dash is still not a good contrarian bet and long positions are best avoided. I maintain my bearish outlook. Trading under pressure, Dash has a value of 0.01175BTC. An analysis of the 360-minute DRK/BTC price chart reveals that the cryptocurrency may be oversold from a near-term perspective, however, the long-term....

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Dash Technical Analysis for 22/4/2015 - Relief Rally

Dash has rebounded strongly after hitting a fresh 1-month low of 0.01163BTC yesterday; the price has jumped more than 6% from the previous observation of 0.01175BTC to the current 0.01267BTC. It was earlier discussed that the cryptocurrency was highly oversold and may stage a rebound and now with that accomplished, it will be interesting to see if Dash is able to break the lower-top, lower-bottom structure. Technical analysis of the 360-minute DRK/BTC price chart implies that there is steam left in Dash, but even that may not be enough to script a trend reversal. DashCoin Chart Structure -....

Dash Technical Analysis for 23/4/2015 - Massive Rally

Dash continues with its strong rebound from the oversold levels, decisively breaching the target of 0.01330BTC. On the back of strong momentum and supported by heavy volume, Dash has soared more than 18% in the past 24 hours. With bulls continuously pushing for higher highs, Dash is now worth 0.01500BTC. As the cryptocurrency successively crosses previous peaks, it becomes imperative from a trading viewpoint to examine whether it has become overbought in the near term. Technical indicators overlaid on the 360-minute DRK/BTC price chart reveal that it may be time to take some money off the....

Dash Technical Analysis for 20/4/2015 - That Sinking Feeling!

Bears hold complete control over Dash as the cryptocurrency continues with its spree of hitting fresh lows. In my earlier analysis on Dash, I had mentioned that the cryptocurrency is steadily losing and that it is best to stay on the short side of the trade; those who had followed this advice would have made good money (or avoided huge losses) as the cryptocurrency has plummeted to a 1-month low of 0.01231BTC. Dash is still under extreme selling pressure, languishing near the lows at 0.01254BTC. Although it is incredibly difficult to comment now as to when the ignored cryptocurrency will....

Dash Technical Analysis for 24/4/2015 - Take Profits!

On the back of strong bullish pressure, Dash continued with its upward march before peaking out at 0.01610BTC. Dash then fell roughly 10% from the high to touch a low of 0.0145BTC. I had advised in my earlier analysis that the cryptocurrency was highly overbought and that it may be time to take some money off the table. Since the cryptocurrency is currently trading close to its strong resistance level, booking partial profits is the wise thing to do. Each Dash is now worth 0.01505BTC. A technical check of the 360-minute DRK/BTC price chart indicates that the virtual currency may witness....

Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin

Since August 31st, 2015, when DASH left the largest exchange Bitfinex this cryptocurrency has had to cope with difficult times. Despite its technical originality and regular updates the DASH price continues its downtrend. Most traders are not ready to wait for DASH to be recognized. But, on the level 0.05 - 0.06 it could be a good time to buy, as the number of masternodes isn’t falling, which means that we are talking about speculative attacks.


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