Bitcoin Wallet Hits 4 Million User Mark

Bitcoin Wallet Hits 4 Million User Mark, one of the first bitcoin wallet providers established, hit the 4 million user mark recently. The company has just reached its 2 million user mark last year and has since doubled the amount of clients it serves. "This is really exciting as it points to a positive trend in bitcoin adoption," the bitcoin wallet company noted. Bitcoin Wallet User Growth. The bitcoin industry has encountered more than a few roadblocks in the past year, starting from the continuous tumble in prices and the hacking incidents here and there. Nonetheless, these challenges have been unable to stop....

Related News's My Wallet Fast Approaching 1 Million Users

Some interesting figures coming from As we approach the conclusion of 2013, it would appear as if's user count of their 'My Wallet' bitcoin wallet is fast approaching one million users. Just take a look at the chart above. You can see exponential growth beginning in November, which is pretty much proportional to the huge inflation in the price of bitcoin around the time. At this rate, it looks as if the one million user mark will be crossed in January 2014. But where will we be in one year? Looks like the only way from here is upwards. (via

The Future of just reached 2 million wallet users, a historic landmark for the company and the bitcoin community. Blockchain was founded by UK developer Ben Reeves in 2011 making Blockchain a veteran business in the space. Within the last couple of weeks Blockchain has released a refreshed Android wallet and have reintroduced an iOS wallet on the app store which has surely helped them reach this 2 million mark. However, 2 million is a long way from being mainstream, so I spoke with Keonne Rodriguez, who is Project Lead at Blockchain and is working on the user interface (UI) and user....

1 Millionth Bitcoin Wallet Created on has reached the biggest milestone in its history - it now boasts over a million wallets. A year ago it had fewer than 100,000 users and by late October the company announced that it had created 500,000 wallets, so it is evident that things are picking up. A representative told CoinDesk that the company plans to celebrate the latest milestone with some big prizes. Back in October, the lucky user who created the 500,000th wallet was rewarded with 10 BTC, so the stakes are high. Blockchain acknowledged that reaching the one million mark is a major.... Surpasses 1.5 Million Web Wallets

The number of web wallet users on popular bitcoin site continues to climb. According to (who made this reddit post), over 1.5 million "My Wallet" accounts have established. Chart data on the site shows just under 1.5 million, but it has not yet been updated. If you recall in late October, Blockchain announced that 500,000 wallets had been created. Fast forward to January of 2014, and it was announced that a whopping one million wallets had been created. Recently, online bitcoin brokerage Coinbase surpassed one million wallets in late.... Teases New App, Website

Since bitcoin has begun to grow at an incredible pace since last year, has grown with it. The website serves as perhaps the community's most important assets - allowing users to easily make sense of the Bitcoin blockchain. And with over one million users,'s online web wallet product (dubbed MyWallet) has also become a useful tool and learning instrument for the scores of individuals who have recently discovered bitcoin. On Sunday, teased two new products via Twitter. The first of which is a new domain name, Originally....


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