Blockchain Smart Contracts 2016 - Overviews of over 15 smart contracts technology startups - Research and Markets

Blockchain Smart Contracts 2016 - Overviews of over 15 smart contracts technology startups - Research and Markets

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Blockchain Smart Contracts"report to their offering.

Heralded as a technology that could do everything from replace traditional house keys to complex financial agreements, cryptographic smart contracts have captured imaginations in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem and beyond.

With this research report, you'll understand the promise of the technology, how it is being developed and the ways in which it may come to impact mainstream markets.

In the report, you'll get an overview of smart contracts, the blockchain technology providers and startups offering smart contract services and the use cases for which businesses are seeking to apply the innovation.

Highlights include:

- An easy-read introduction to smart contracts

- Overviews of over 15 smart contracts technology startups

- Interviews with industry leaders including Eris, Ethereum, IBM, UBS and more

- Reviews of 10 impact areas for smart contract disruption

Key Topics Covered:

1. About Author
2. What is a Smart Contract?
3. Explaining Smart Contracts
4. The Origin of Smart Contracts
5. Real-World Applications for Smart Contracts
6. Smart Contract-Related Systems Today
7. Conclusion

Companies Mentioned

- BitHalo
- BitShares
- Chain
- Clearmatics
- ConsenSys
- Counterparty
- Digital Asset Holdings
- Eris Industries
- Ethereum
- Etherparty
- Hyperledger
- Ripple
- Rootstock
- SmartContract
- Stellar
- Symbiont
- Tendermint

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