Introducing Asset Based Forex Trading at Free Demo Accounts

Introducing Asset Based Forex Trading at Free Demo Accounts was the pioneer of bitcoin funded forex trading back in 2011. Now, leverage your forex trading account at  with boats, businesses, casino chips, equities, gold, real estate and other surplus. Forextrading payouts are in digital currency.

As a maverick forex broker, offers a unique service to new forex trading clients, enabling forex trading account funding without a bank account. Bitcoin is unbeatable for convenience, but what if the trader has none?

Leverage your forex trading account at with boats, businesses, casino chips, equities, gold, real estate and other surplus. Forex trading payouts are in digital currency.

Daniel Bruno, CMT  offers traders the option of selling illiquid assets to fund live forex trading. No other forex trading company can compete.  A transfer of title to a trustee is sufficient to fund a live forex trading account. The collateral provides the margin. An outright sale of the illiquid asset also works.  Assets are evaluated on a case by case basis, brokers protected.

Get a free $100,000 forex trading demo account at to practice forex trading 24 with virtual currency on the proprietary FxProBITcoin trading platform. Gold, silver and all the major currency pairs are available. Leverage from 1 to 500.

 - EUR/USD (euro/dollar)
 - USD/JPY (dollar/Japanese yen)
 - GBP/USD (British pound/dollar)
 - USD/CHF (dollar/Swiss franc) offers commission free forex trading with low spreads. will pay a bonus of 10% for every new user who closes out his current trading account to to open a new account at in the same name.

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