OXBTC Releases New BTC/ETH Cloudhash Hosting Services

OXBTC Releases New BTC/ETH Cloudhash Hosting Services

OXBTC – the China-based cloud mining platform lately announced its business shift from pure cloud hashrates selling to cloudhash hosting services – which provide more lucrative mining options for investors with much lower prices and maintenance fees. It has also released two cloudhash hosting contracts for Bitcoin and Ether mining (first in the world).

Mr. GUO, Weicheng, CEO of OXBTC explains the reason for this strategy adjustment is to “maximize the ROI for all investors and build up a long-term partnership between OXBTC and its over 100,000 users”. He also said that OXBTC is looking at the future of the entire industry, and he believes investors’ benefits are the major driving forces for a healthy development of the ecosystem.

Interestingly, different from the traditional pattern of hosting services – you buy a mining rig and the service provider runs the machine for you – OXBTC’s cloudhash hosting contract allows a minimum hosting unit of only 1 GHS for Bitcoin mining and 0.01 MHS for Ether mining. This provides a rather low threshold for beginners if you don’t feel like a big investment to start with.

Besides convenience, you can also enjoy 100% transparency for the hosting as OXBTC will make public the mining pool information for the hosted contract so that you can check the actual mining income daily. OXBTC charges a small portion (10% of mining income) for the maintenance. And they are mining under a very low electricity cost as their farms are located mainly in remote areas in China. This will guarantee more ROI for mining investors.

What is Cloudhash Hosting?

  1. For cryptocoin fans – convenient, HIGH-yielding mining housekeeping services;
  2. For industry outsiders – a cryptocoin investment with LOW-threshold and HIGH ROI;
  3. For mining giants – a mining agency with VERY LOW electricity and maintaining costs;


OXBTC is a professional cloudhash hosting services provider which is now running nearly 7 Petahash of Bitcoin hashrates and 80 Gigahash of Ether hashrates deployed in 3 of world’s laregest mining farms in China. Founded by several well-established investors in China, OXBTC boasts an experienced R&D team.

Go to http://www.oxbtc.com/ for more details.

Facebook: OXBTC (http://www.facebook.com/oxbitcoin/)

Twitter: @oxbitcoin

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