Moscow's Blockchain Hackathon Reflects Booming Blockchain Industry in Russia

Moscow's Blockchain Hackathon Reflects Booming Blockchain Industry in Russia

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed interest in Ethereum at his meeting with Vitalik Buterin at the World Economic Forum held in St. Petersburg, the blockchain industry in Russia has been quick to heat up. The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Saint Petersburg was held in June, followed immediately by a blockchain-focused hackathon called BlockchainHack in Moscow, with 150 people in attendance competing for $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency. The hackathon took place at the Paveletsky Art Center, a massive building in downtown Moscow that has become the de facto hub for....

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Bitcoin Conference Goes Ahead in Moscow Despite Uncertainty

Russia held its first major bitcoin event in Moscow this week, Bitcoin Conference Russia, featuring a host of speakers from the local region, overseas guests, and even Russia's first bitcoin vending kiosk/ATM. "Если биткоин это деньги, тогда и бутылка водки - валюта" #bitcoinconf #bitcoin - Bitcoin Conference (@BitcoinConfRu) April 23, 2014. There had been some confusion over whether the conference was actually going ahead, thanks to a prohibitive regulatory climate surrounding digital currency in Russia, and the earlier 'indefinite postponement' of a rival....

DBS Blockchain Hackathon

“ARE YOU A BLOCKCHAIN ENTHUSIAST, A HARD-CORE CODER, A DESIGNER OR JUST A HACKATHON OBSESSOR? IF SO, JOIN THE DBS BLOCKCHAIN HACK FOR AN INNOVATIVE TWO DAYS OF EXCLUSIVE BLOCKCHAIN CHALLENGES AND API ACCESS FROM TOP FINANCIAL INSTITUTES – AND SOME SERIOUS HACKING.” If you visit the DBS Blockchain Hackathon web page, this is exactly what you are greeted with. The hackathon will have a meeting on April 16, 2015 to where attendees can discus ideas and get acquainted with one another. The main event will be on May 8-May 9 — 48 hours of pure blockchain innovation.

Moscow Government to Explore Blockchain Voting

Government officials in Moscow today revealed plans to investigate applications of blockchain technology. According to a report by, Deputy Head of the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of Moscow Andrey Belozerov said that the agency is now exploring how to apply blockchain to various use cases, including voting fraud. One proposal, according to the news source, would find Moscow incorporating blockchain into Active Citizen, an in-progress e-government effort aimed at getting citizens more involved in local decision-making. Sberbank, one of Russia's largest....

CoinSpot Brings Bitcoin ATM to Contentious Russia

Did you know there's a bitcoin conference happening in Moscow, Russia? Neither did we. To say the least, event organizers didn't exactly do the best of jobs promoting the event, but that's beside the point. Russian start-up CoinSpot has apparently brought one of the first bitcoin ATMs to Moscow, Russia. That's according to 'bitcoin Jesus' Roger Ver, who posted an image of the Lamassu-manufactured ATM (which is more practically a vending machine) on Twitter. As you may or may not aware, the status of crypto-currency in Russia is a bit confusing, to say the least. Earlier this year in....

Is Russia Going Soft on Bitcoin? – Paying for Phone and Internet Bills via Bitcoin Now made Available in the Country

Russia has always been referred as a bitcoin unfriendly country. However, the crypto industry is growing stronger than ever and despite the old stigma that bitcoin is only used by cyber criminals and for money laundering, the industry is still booming in the country. Since the last submission of a bitcoin ban draft law presented to the Russia’s legislative assembly, the Duma, many deemed as uncertain the future of the digital currency industry. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency industry continues to flourish and is now introducing new solutions to payment services.