True Flip Blockchain Lottery Invites Creators To Steemit Challenge

True Flip Blockchain Lottery Invites Creators To Steemit Challenge

True Flip is an international, anonymous Blockchain lottery with instant payouts, open source code and a transparent prize fund. It is now organizing a new art contest, labeled the True Flip’s Steemit Challenge. Participants can submit their art creations in all forms, as TF has decided to accept pictures, drawings, videos as well as gifs. The creations need to revolve around a theme set by TF: “Flip's greatest passion is to explore the most surprising places of the universe seeking for a new treasure. Just show us how you imagine this cute dolphin in his quests.” The challenge starts now.....

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The blockchain has been attracting a lot of attention from startups and established businesses throughout the years. Flip, a peer-to-peer leasing marketplace, is now exploring the boundaries of this technology as well. It has to be said — the Flip marketplace is quite a unique business model. Embracing the peer-to-peer nature of marketplaces is always a good start, but it remains to be seen how well that translates in the leases market. Founder and CEO of Flip, Susannah Vila, believes there is a large market waiting to be tapped.

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In their new book Bitcoin for the Befuddled, Drs. Conrad Barski and Chris Wilmer use non-technical language and clear, step-by-step approaches to explain the ins and outs of bitcoin. Here, they provide an overview of the "blockchain lottery" and the process of how miners are rewarded. As an incentive for users to update the blockchain as frequently as possible, Bitcoin uses a lottery-based reward system. Many people become miners and try to be the first to add a block to the blockchain. Then, based on some probability, a winner is chosen and gets to add a block. What is the purpose of....

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The New York-based mobile lottery ticket purchasing platform, Jackpocket, has partnered with BitPay to allow users to purchase lottery tickets with Bitcoin for six New York lotteries, the first time this sort of partnership has been seen. Bitcoin for lottery tickets. In a press release by Jackpocket, a company offering the ability to buy New York lottery tickets via your mobile, it was revealed that it had partnered with the Atlanta-based global bitcoin payment service provider, BitPay, to allow users to purchase lottery tickets with Bitcoin for the first time. “We’re pleased to announce....


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