First Meta Switches to GoCoin for Bitcoin and Litecoin Payments

First Meta Switches to GoCoin for Bitcoin and Litecoin Payments

Leading international payment platform, GoCoin, announced today that First Meta of Singapore has switched to GoCoin in order to accept both Bitcoin and Litecoin payments via their service. First Meta facilitates the trade of a variety of virtual assets from popular online game credits and tracking of reward points.

"This is a symbiotic, strategic alliance for GoCoin," said Founder and CEO, Steve Beauregard, "First Meta has deep gaming domain expertise and they understand gamers expect many options at checkout. Where GoCoin is pioneering multi-digital currency checkout, we can learn important lessons from First Meta's virtual asset exchange experience."

"It's our job to provide as many payment options for our customers as possible and GoCoin's model to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others as they come out aligns with our ethos," said Autumn Radtke, the CEO of First Meta Exchange. "The more GoCoin payment methods we add the faster we can eliminate credit card fraud, chargebacks, and the potential for identity theft."

First Meta began accepting Bitcoins in 2012, but came onboard with GoCoin to ease the pressure of volatility while accessing deeper levels of the digital currency market. GoCoin offers a low 1% per transaction processing fee and the ability to attract net new customers that are enthusiastic about the benefits of emerging digital currencies.


The GoCoin international payment platform enables merchants to reap the benefits of accepting digital currency eliminating credit card fraud and identity theft. GoCoin removes all of the perceived risk by accepting the digital currency on behalf of merchants and clearing the payments instantly via their sophisticated proprietary back end systems. GoCoin processes Bitcoin and Litecoin payments for online and brick and mortar retailers, bypassing the often cumbersome and insecure options of outdated payment systems like credit cards and stored value systems.



First Meta Exchange provides a safe and sanctioned place to bring all virtual assets online or on mobile devices, enabling individuals to organize, manage, and easily cash out virtual assets. First Meta Exchange pioneered virtual banking, and launched a multi-world virtual currency exchange in 2009.

First Meta Exchange:

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