Vote for your Altcoin on HitBTC and take the Traders Challenge to win an Oculus Rift

Vote for your Altcoin on HitBTC and take the Traders Challenge to win an Oculus Rift

HitBTC is taking a community-driven approach to developing their exchange by allowing users to vote for the altcoin they want on the exchange next. The developers have worked hard to allow for altcoins to be added to the exchange platform. This has been met by interest and excitement from the community. Remember to signupbefore you take part though, as registered users have 10x the voting power of non-registered users. The team behind the exchange are showing a true willingness to fulfill user needs and provide the best trading experience moving forward.

Whichever currency the community decides to be adopted will surely get a substantial increase of interest and activity. This will be because of the massive BTC volume that is already shifting through the exchange, and I would urge advocates for any altcoin to take part in the vote.

HitBTC is one of the most advanced spot exchanges, utilizing unique order-matching algorithms and the best clearing engines available. The exchange has incredibly low fees with a 0.01% rebate on orders not executed instantly, a 0.1% fee on instant orders and no BTC deposit/withdrawal fee. What sets the platform apart from other exchanges is that it not only offers a web-app with an API but a platform that is compliant with capital market requirements. Compliance with existing markets serves to further the adoption of Bitcoin in future as it allows platforms that are meeting these requirements to integrate with existing economic systems and structures. The exchange also encourages algorithmic trading allowing users to make full use of the underlying API.

The HitBTC Traders Challenge

Fancy yourself as a guru Bitcoin trader? Then why not try your hand at the Traders Challenge?

Until the 31st of May HitBTC are offering traders the chance to win one of three Oculus Rift headsets or the cash equivalent in USD or BTC. Don’t panic if you are only an amateur or beginner trader though, the competition will all be done in demo mode with a $10,000 deposit to play with, so you have the opportunity to learn and have fun with the platform as you compete. You even have the choice of trading on the web or through an API.

Prizes will be awarded to the following criteria:

  • Best result in USD No API used
  • Best result in USD
  • The biggest profit over the shortest period of time

Give it a go! But be sure to get familiar with the rulings before you do.

HitBTC offers a strong emphasis on the core Bitcoin currency in conjunction with a powerful exchange platform. Right now is the perfect time to test the exchange as the competition runs right up until the 31st May. Even if Bitcoin isn’t your bag be sure to vote for the altcoin of your choice for its chance to be bolstered by this powerful exchange platform.

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